October 8, 2022


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Elder Vasquez

Trip to Guarayos!

Hey! This week was a fun little change! Conference was amazing as always. My favorite quote from President Nelson... "The truth is that it is much more exhausting to seek happiness where you can never find it! However, when you yoke yourself to Jesus Christ and do the spiritual work required to overcome the world, He, and He alone, does have the power to lift you above the pull of this world." Wickedness NEVER was happiness, but righteousness is ALWAYS the manner of happiness.

I was super blessed to go last minute with President Toral and 2 other elders to this little town in the middle of nowhere Bolivia called Ascensión de Guarayos. It was so sick! We took a 6 hour bus ride there, slept on the floor, met the mayor and gave him a big picture of Christ (in turn he gave President a hammock lol), had some famous worlds sweetest pineapples, and met some of the humblest, but hardest working members! The church is super new there, and it's not even a branch yet.

The members are so faithful though. All the families have had some major trials. 3 of the families had lost a child within the last month. At every member house we went to we gave the father a priesthood blessing, and then helped him give a blessing to all of his family. They were all hesitant, and it was probably the first priesthood blessing they had ever given. There were many tears at every house. So cool!

There was about an hour where I went contacting with 2 other gringo elders. So sick! We stopped and helped this old lady move huge pieces of wood. About 3 whole families came out of their hut (legit straw roof hut) and just sat there watching us move wood. They talked amongst themselves in a native language called guarayú and all died laughing. I can't imagine how confused they must've been why 3 white dudes with ties were moving wood at their house. Afterwards they taught us some words in guarayú, and we taught them the gospel. A solid trade.

It was awesome to see how genuine they were about learning. Since the church is super new there, they'd never heard of the church or seen the missionaries. A rare occasion. They asked some great questions and accepted a Book of Mormon. The grandma only speaks guarayú so hopefully they´ll translate it for her.

Love y'all lots!
Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker


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