September 10, 2022


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Elder Vasquez

The death of TWO bachelors

These last couple weeks there's been 2 big weddings! Elena and Felipe got married up in Riberalta! Elena along with her 2 daughters were baptized. Also, shoutout to Adam and Katy! Of the 2 brides I've only met one of them, but I love them both! They're both family

Tramites has been interesting thinking back on when I was in these same weird busy government buildings, but I was the one having no clue what's going on and thinking where in the world am I. Now I joke with the police when they laugh about gringos. Also, two 40 year old lady cops asked me out. I told one of them I liked her mate cup and she said we should get together sometime and drink mate. I told her my comp and I would love to get together with her and talk about the gospel! She wasn't as interested...

Another cool miracle! In Trinidad one of my favorite people and investigators was Christian. It was a miracle that we met him. His less active friend called us one day saying he wanted to come back to the church and that he had 2 friends. Christian was going through hard times and felt like he had fallen in life. He started participating in lessons, and coming to church and ward activities. We pushed hard on the Atonement and it's profound truths taught in the book of Mormon. He totally started changing. His demeanor changed. He was progressing so good as a person. When it came to baptism he had big desires, however for work he was heavily considering moving away to Santa Cruz for a very time consuming job. I got transferred before a decision was made and shortly afterwards he moved.

Then one night going to get the door for the missionaries coming in for transfers there was Christian! It had been 6 months. But there he was at my door! We hugged and it turns out he recently moved 4 houses down from us!! What?? 6 months later in an entirely different city. We're neighbors! I'm not sure what God exactly has in store for Christian at this time, but I do know from stats class that that is not a statistically probable outcome.

This week we have a lesson with him so pray that it goes well!

Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker


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