August 6, 2022


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Elder Torres

Viva mi Patria Boliva

Today is independence day here in Bolivia! Last night there were fireworks, and today there was a cool little flash mob parade in one of the markets we were at. Everyone's outside with flags cooking churrasco and listening to songs that say "recuperemos nuestro mar!"

Last week we had a lesson with this super awesome member named John Kelly. We asked him how the gospel has blessed his life, and I loved his response! He instantly told us about 3 really hard times in his life, and how much he had learned and grown from them. One of these hard times was during the pandemic. His family had very little food. He told us he is so grateful that his kids were humbled and learned how to make do with what they have.

When we think of blessings, we very often think about great things we've received. I loved that John Kelly thought of his trials as blessings because of how much he grew. In the darkest times we can feel the strength of the Saviors light!

Also a complete miracle happened last week!! Elder Aramayo called me and said that Elena Hidalgo is getting married and baptized later this month!! That made me SO happy!! When Elder Cuentas and I met her she was going through some very hard times. Her marriage, family, and job were all in ruins. She had many doubts about the church at first. However, when she started to read the Book of Mormon EVERYTHING completely changed!! She truly received a personal witness of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith. Then she came to know her Savior better and understand what He did for her, and what He continues to do.

She started coming to church and participating, while reading more and more of the Book of Mormon. Every time we went over she'd just ask us what we were gonna read. She didn't understand everything at first, but always was able to learn something.

Her relationship with her kids improved a ton! Elena and 3 of her kids wanted to get baptized so bad! The problem is that Elena wasn't married. Her husband was very stubborn and would always avoid us, and any conversations about marriage. We prayed, fasted, and worked so hard with that family! I love them so much!

And now God has done a miracle! Thank you all for the prayers!! They worked!!

Missions are the best!

Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker


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