July 11, 2022




Elder Aramayo

Hump Day, Monkey, and Turtle

Easily one of the craziest weeks of my life!! On Wednesday, I hit my one year mark! Hump day on hump day. That morning we went to do some service for Monserrat and her family. If you've followed along with my adventures here in Beni, you might have noticed I'm a pro at making houses. Well now I know how to make a house out of mud too!!

It was SO fun!! When we got there the wall just had some wood sticks on the inside and on the outside, with about a 6 inch gap in between. We made a huge mud pile and started filling the gap with mud. One of the guys put on his "English classics" so that I could translate some English songs for them. It was so surreal! Sitting there barefoot, making a wall out of mud, mud on my face, in the middle of Bolivia, translating Maroon 5, and celebrating being a missionary for 1 full year.

I also accomplished a mission goal of mine... I ate monkey! Everyone told me they eat monkey in Riberalta, so I've always been waiting for it. This week our pensionista sent us a picture of a nice dead monkey chillin on her table. We were pretty hyped when we got to the pensión. Tasted like roast beef! Our pensionista also finished teaching us how to make hammocks too, so now I'm a pro hammock maker as well.

As if monkey wasn't enough, this morning a member sent us a message saying "Elders come over right now, and we're going to give you food" and then just a turtle emoji! They literally caught, cooked, and gave us turtle! Kinda weird, but tasted pretty good!

On Thursday we went to Guayaramerin and had such a fire noche de hogar with this young member couple! When we got to their house it was obvious that the wife was not doing great. She seemed super tired, distraught, and was kind of crying. She didn't really want to talk very much.

We made sonso and then started talking about the plan of salvation. We asked them what our purpose is in this life, and they both decided that our purpose was to be strong enough to return to God without sins. It was a good idea! We do indeed need to become free of sin, but we are NOT strong enough to do so. At least not alone!!

Thank goodness we are not alone in this fight! Jesus Christ also came into this world. He didn't just die for us and pay for sins (which are eternally important) but He also suffered EVERYTHING we have, and will, go through! He took EVERYTHING upon him "that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to THEIR infirmities." He knows exactly how to help us!

This life is not a mountain that we must climb alone. The Savior is climbing right there with us, whether we want to accept it or not. If we're humble enough, He'll even carry us! Our salvation, progress, and even happiness don't depend on how strong we are, rather they depend on our "yielding our hearts unto God."

It was SO cool to see how this young couple changed as we talked and read! When we left, the wife was so happy and energetic and excited! That's what the gospel does, changes us for the better!

Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker


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