July 4, 2022




Elder Aramayo

'Merica, but South

Happy 4th of July! Last night we heard our neighbors blowing things up (pretty usual) and the sound filled me with some patriotic joy. The owner of our house also sent me a text today with a bunch of 4th of July gifs in Spanish. Good times!

This week we helped a ton of people carpir! It's pretty much mowing peoples fields with only machetes. Got some nice blisters. Afterwards, Elena took the machete to some sugar cane and we sucked on those for breakfast. Sugar cane is actually fire who knew!

While contacting, we found this 19 year old girl who was SO excited to see elders. Sherlin is from Riberalta, but she moved to Cochabamba to go to college and was back home visiting family. While in Cochabamba, she met some elders and ended up getting baptized in January! She has so much love for the church and gets so excited hearing about anything church related.

She said that all growing up she was super grumpy, short tempered, and judgmental. After coming to know the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ she has completely changed! She no longer fights with her parents, her siblings don't bug her, and she said she never feels alone. Her understanding, accepting, and obeying the Gospel of Christ has made a huge change in her, and that's what it's all about!

Daily repentance isn't just about being clean, rather it really is about becoming a Saint through the Atonement! Becoming better and better each day. Making small improvements that bring significant results and blessings!

What small improvements can you make today? Think about it.

Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker


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