June 20, 2022




Elder Aramayo

4th Grade Program Throwbacks

So they say you end up at a point where you dream in Spanish. It's very rare that I remember any dream I have. However, this week my comp said that one night I sat up in my sleep and started giving directions to the church... in Spanish. I would call that a win!

One of the Elders here decided to get super sick, so he was in the hospital most of the week. The problem is that they had 4 people with baptismal dates for Saturday. So I was pretty much on a week-long exchange with his comp Elder Chura. Their area is OUT there! Everyone owns a pet monkey!

For a branch activity, all of the missionaries did a traditional Bolivian dance called Macheteros. Gave me complete 4th grade program throwbacks. The people loved it tho haha! I'm glad the machetes were fake, because let's just say everyone walked away with some bruises...

Cool miracle that happened this week! On Sunday our pensionista told us to search for an inactive member named Ruth Aparicio. No one in the branch could find her. Well on Saturday we were contacting this dude and out of nowhere we decided to ask him if he knew Ruth. She's his next door neighbor!

We went to her house and found her. She was baptized a week before the pandemic hit. She got a disease (not covid) that makes her legs and feet look scarred really bad. It makes her pretty nervous to be seen by a lot of people, so she doesn't go to church.

She told us that on Sunday she was reading the Book of Mormon and felt like she wasn't completing what God wanted her to do. She prayed for help to be able to start going to church. That was the same Sunday that our pensionista told us to go find her! Ruth was super excited and happy that God had sent us to her.

Keep looking for missionary opportunities and miracles!

Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker


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