June 6, 2022




Elder Aramayo

Santa Cruz vacations!

Hey!! Well, I slept on a couch in the nicest hospital in all of Bolivia this week! I was with Elder Ensign who appeared to have appendicitis from ALL his symptoms. In the end it was a bad viral infection in his digestive tract. He's feeling lots better and we definitely made the most of our stay in Santa Cruz!

We got to stop by Presidente Hawkins' house and eat the most HEAVENLY salad, pumpkin pie, and chocolate chip cookies!! I'm pretty sure that's what cured my comp.

While Elder Ensign was in recovery we went on a 2 day exchange with my boy, Elder Cueto, and his comp. Really enjoyed how cold it is in Santa Cruz right now!! We found the coolest camba cowboy you ever darn seen. Puej.

We flew back on Friday which I'm so happy about because on Saturday we had a super awesome baptismal service for 7 people! 2 of them are from our branch. Nataly and my boy Erick!! Nataly was soo happy and Erick just walked around with swag in his white clothes.

Prayers for Elena Hidalgo! She is my favorite person ever!! She came to church yesterday with her 4 kids! Without even telling us, they all walked home afterwards. It's over a 30 minute walk in blazing sun!! And her kids are from 5-11 years old! So crazy!

Don't worry we have members set up to pick them up next week haha, but Elena is such a good example of striving, being proactive, to keep the commandments of God! Becoming a little better everyday. She has huge desires to be baptized and we're just working on some small setbacks.

"Be faithful and diligent in keeping the commandments of God, and I will encircle thee in the arms of my love. Behold, I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God... I am the light which shineth in darkness" - D&C 6:20-21 :)

11 months woah¡!¡

Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker


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