May 30, 2022




Elder Aramayo

Airplanes and Apostles

Wow!! As always, this was one of the craziest weeks! It started with a Sunday afternoon flight to Santa Cruz with 34 missionaries.

Monday morning the whole mission got together for the first time since 2016 - along with the other Santa Cruz mission, a bunch of cameras, and an apostle of Jesus Christ. It was the coolest thing ever getting to meet and listen to Elder Christofferson! I can tell you all that he is called of God.

A few cool things... he took a pic with each mission (still haven't seen our pic yet tho) outside on the court. The other mission was in straight sun. When Elder Christofferson went and sat down with them, the sun instantly was hid by a cloud. They took the pic, and right when he stood up out came the strong Santa Cruz sun again.

We all got to shake his hand and woah lemme tell ya I'm pretty sure he saw my future, he looked so deep into my soul. Something that amazed me though was how much attention he gave each of us as we passed! There were 400 missionaries. Yet he was not rushed to get to the next hand. I think I got a glimpse of how Christ ministered, taught, and showed his markings to the Nephites one by one.

This week we also saw an art show in the plaza, FINALLY found and took a pic with my 3 Kaysville boys, had the coolest most random contacting opportunities like in the airport at 1 am, carried around the ukulele and sang for all the moms we found on mothers day here, and accidentally kicked a huge dog while on a moto!

There are WAY too many awesome things to share from what Elder Christofferson told us. Something that I loved was Christs power to cast out devils. As disciples of Christ, we have the power to cast out devils, or bad influences and bad habits, in ourselves and others. There is nothing that can't be cast out with the healing power of Christ, and His Atonement. Also he talked about how in the millennium, Satan won't have any power because of the righteousness of the hearts of men and women. "You can start to live the millennium right now!" Satan does not have to have power over us!

Please pray that Nataly Soliz and my boy, Erick Chavez, will be able to get baptized this Saturday!

I'm currently going with an Elder from Guayaramerin BACK to Santa Cruz. They think he has appendicitis. I think the city just missed us too bad... but ya also prayers for Elder Ensign!

Thanks for reading! This is what happens when I have 2 hours of flying on p day

Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker


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