May 16, 2022




Elder Aramayo

Three Little Birds

This week we traveled to Guayaramerin twice and barely fought the temptation to cross over to Brazil, had the last zone conference with Presidente Hawkins, held 3 birds, washed about 50 motorcycles, and met an old guy that's gonna teach us how to make hammocks.

In Guayaramerin on exchanges we met this really old guy named Omar who's blind and has lived alone for 5 years since his wife passed away. He loved hearing that families can be together forever and ever. We invited him to church. The elders passed by his house Sunday morning thinking he'd still be sleeping like the majority of investigadores here. When they got there Omar was up and dressed in a button up shirt ready to go to church. The elders led him on the 20 minute walk to church :)

Prayers for Felipe that he'll be able to make it to church this Sunday, and get married soon with Elena!!

I love the teachings of King Benjamin to his sons in Mosiah 1. He teaches them the importance of the words of the prophets, both old and new. Without prophets we would surely "suffer in ignorance... not knowing the mysteries of God".
Imagine how many people in the world suffer because they don't have all the words of the prophets, both old and new! However, with their words we have power in knowledge as we are able to "read and UNDERSTAND of [God's] mysteries, and have His commandments ALWAYS before our eyes". What a blessing! King Benjamin invites us to "search them diligently... that ye may prosper in the land".
About the words of modern prophets he says "they are true; and we can know of their surety because we have them before our eyes". We truly do have a prophet of God right before our eyes!!
Last night watching the President and Sister Nelson devotional was another testimony builder of these truths taught by King Benjamin. What comfort and reassurance, joy and happiness, and strength and encouragement to learn and relearn the mysteries of God and His plan for us from the mouth of a modern-day prophet!
We are blessed!
If you didn't watch it, do it today!

Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker


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