April 18, 2022




Elder Cuentas

No Tenga Miedo!

Holaaa! This week Elder Cuentas and I got to go to Santa Cruz for two days. I saw a ton of friends, showed Cuentas around good ol Centenario, and we got to eat "Not Mac." It's literally McDonald's but not. The best Big Mac I've ever had... even if it was a "not Big Mac."

We also pulled off a 13 person baptism. Craziest noche blanca! It turned out really fun, and was very relieving when it was done. One of the niñas that was getting baptized had to keep redoing the baptism, because she kept kicking her foot up. After 3 tries she said she was done and didn't want to do it anymore. There was about 10 little kids huddled around the baptismal font and they all started telling her "no tenga miedo!" Don't be afraid don't be afraid! It was pretty heart warming. She then successfully tried again.

We also baptized our friend Yoisy Casilima wooooooo!

Being here for Easter was pretty cool. Lots of parades and things for Semana Santa. We ate lots and lots of fish haha! Everyone here knows what Christ did, but almost no one understands what he really did and why it's so important to THEM. For that reason, I especially loved teaching people this week! We were able to explain that Christ suffered ALL. All their sins, but all their sadness, afflictions, and weaknesses as well. That He understands them perfectly. That He rose again so that we'd ALL rise again. That because of Him, and our faith on Him, there is nothing that can keep us from eternal happiness. No "tribulation, or distress, or persecution... neither death, nor life... nor ANY other creature." We even had old tough man Felipe in tears.

I know that HE LIVES to guide us through our wilderness!!

Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker


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