April 11, 2022




Elder Cuentas

The Nurses are My Homies

Super crazy week!! I think I spent more time in the hospital and pharmacy than I did in my area... all the nurses are my homies now so that's cool.

Pretty much every missionary in our whole zone got sick this week. Luckily Elder Cuentas and I have been fine. 3 of the sisters had to fly to Santa Cruz, and we've had missionaries in the hospital since Thursday. Elder Cuentas and I have all the money for the zone, so we pretty much constantly have to be in the hospital to pay. It's been real fun spending lots and lots of money on medical stuff and trying to have receipts for everything.

Probably the dumbest thing about the hospitals here, is when they're gonna give medicine to the patient, they give you a list of the meds and you have to go to the pharmacy and buy it. What?? Sooo I can't even tell you how many trips I've made to the hospital, to the pharmacy across the city, back to the hospital, to the pharmacy, oh there's not enough money so we gotta go all the way to the house, back to the pharmacy, and back to the hospital! Thursday night we were walking around from 11pm to 4am, but we snagged some good pics by the statues here.

Some good news!! Even through very little sleep and being very busy, Digna and Demetrio Sanjinez got baptized this week!! They were SO happy! The night before we brought a little projector to their house and watched The Restoration with them. We could see a huge difference in Demetrios sister Mismy. She was very happy and more interested than usual. We invited her to say the closing prayer, and as she thanked God for the good example that her family is to her, the spirit was super strong. I know that the gospel really does bless families!!

I challenge y'all to not get sick!! Please!!!!
And to go re read Elder Bednar's talk from this last conference! So fire!

Press on. Hold fast. Heed not.

"Faith in the Redeemer is a principle of action and of power. As we act in accordance with the truths of His gospel, we are blessed with the spiritual capacity to press forward through the challenges of mortality while focusing on the joys the Savior offers to us"

Que tengan un día bendecido
Elder Barker


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