March 28, 2022




Elder Cuentas

I Went to Brazil!

Hey everyone! I actually didn't go to Brazil. But I did see it from across the border so that's cool! This week we traveled to Guayaramerin for exchanges, which is across the river from Brazil.

This week we hiked an hour under blazing hot sun into the jungle to teach a family about the Book of Mormon. We didn't even know if they'd be there cuz there's no phone service out there. Luckily all 10 of them were there and we had an awesome lesson! Their Bible got destroyed in a flood 5 years ago, so they were super grateful to have the word of God in their house again.

On the way back it started to absolutely pour rain, of course. We found two dudes with a car (rare sighting) trying to change a tire. We helped them change the tire in the pouring rain. Afterwards, they wanted to give us a ride but their car was literally stuffed full of cacao, a fruit used to make chocolate. So instead they gifted us 4 cacao and we went on our way. That stuff tastes way good!

So you know how there's opposition in all things? Oh boy is that true when we teach people! There are always so many distractions and annoying things that very easily draw the attention of our investigators. During a lesson, we almost went full Jesus in the temple mode on the neighbors who always blast music insanely loud every Sunday night.

However, every time that there's a very small moment where we have their full attention, we can tell that they're understanding, and the spirit in the room is much stronger than the distraction, is a very awesome moment. We had a lot of those moments this week!! With Jhoysy talking about the Book of Mormon, with la familia Sanjinez talking about the word of wisdom, with Lisvania talking about the restoration are a few examples!

I promise that the Spirit is trying to talk to you more than you know! The little promptings usually come in normal and natural ways. A lot of times we are just slightly too distracted by other awesome and important things to listen, or recognize them as promptings. However, when we listen, turn our eyes to the heavens, and give the Spirit a place in our heart, we WILL hear and understand those little whisperings. We WILL taste of the fruits of the Spirit. Soon we will be recognizing many moments throughout the day where the Spirit is stronger than the distractions!

I challenge y'all to ponder on one way that you can give the Spirit a chance to be stronger than the distractions this week!

Love y'all
Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker


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