March 7, 2022


Trinadad, barrio Villa Corina


Elder Ignacio

La gran Patriarca

Hola! This week was super busy! We finished our Carnaval house arrest on Wednesday just to leave in the hottest weather I've ever felt. It was 110 degrees with almost 90% humidity... is that even possible?? It was painful.

This week we put an Hermana Juana Salet on baptismal date! It was pretty funny. She's good friends with the stake patriarch, so we had the lesson in his house. Understand that the patriarch is short, super chubby, and super ancient. His voice is a mix of Yoda, a Lord of the Rings dwarf, and what I'd imagine Moses sounding like. So, all day we had been getting hyped for our lesson with Juana. All day in the streets we were humming the Rocky theme song, and we were in that pregame mode. Super prepared for every possibility.

Well, right when Juana and her husband sat down the patriarch just goes off. "Juana listen, you have to go to the temple! You HAVE to! And to do that you have to be baptized! You just gotta do it Juana! The elders here have prepared a day so you can get baptized. You just gotta do it!" Needless to say Juana accepted to be baptized on March 26! Before we even said a prayer or anything! La gran Patriarca. Very effective!

This week I got to interview 4 kids for baptism. So fun! I also had the opportunity to baptize one of them. His name is Iker Salvatierra. He's a 9 year old stud! He loves playing tennis, so he gave me a tennis ball with his name signed on it. When we finished the interview I asked him if he could say the prayer. In his prayer he asked "please bless that tomorrow will be the happiest day of my life." I really think it was the happiest day of his life! I've never seen a kid smile that much. There really is joy in the gospel for all ages!

Love y'all!
Que tengan un día bendecido
Elder Barker


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