January 31, 2022


Trinadad, barrio Villa Corina


Elder Moreno

Sylvester Stallone and Tom & Jerry

Holaaa! This was the fastest week of my life. There was some awesome moments like a member telling me I look like Sylvester Stallone. And then there was some absolutely terrible moments like finding and killing a massive rat in the house. I'm not talkin' some Tom and Jerry mouse, this thing was the size of a cat no joke! Absolutely massive! When Elder Moreno killed it, its eye popped out which just added to the terror. I hate rats.

Somehow it's time for transfers again! Elder Moreno is heading out to the middle nowhere to a branch that just opened in December. I don't know why I can never have a companion more than 1 transfer haha! I'll be staying here in beautiful Villa Corina, Trinidad! My comp will be another nuevo, this time straight from the MTC, so should be another fun transfer!

Prayer is so powerful. We've definitely seen miracles in the answering of our prayers. We've been guided to find some awesome people, and have had big success bringing families to church. Sometimes in lessons or dinners families want me to pray in English. It's always fun for me! This one father was being super stubborn and rejecting the Book of Mormon, so when they asked me to pray in English I prayed super specific for him. I asked that he'd stop being so dang stubborn and smile a lil bit, and that he could have a change of heart and realize that this book is exactly what he needs. The only thing this father could understand was his name, so after the prayer he smiled and said thank you. Fast forward one week and now he's reading the Book of Mormon! Prayer!

I challenge y'all to be a little more specific to your Heavenly Father!

Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker


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