November 23, 2021


Santa Cruz, Bolivia


Elder Josh Haynie

A great day to be a Dart!

Hola todos! What a fun week! Elder Haynie and I just out here like two Davis Darts doing the Lord's work. You already know we represent well with our Davis baseball gear on p days.

First, I just have to say that the gift of tongues is SO real!! Seriously a week ago I could not understand hardly anyone. As soon as I was made senior comp with a brand new (beast) gringo I could all of a sudden understand everyone! It's definitely not me! I am a true witness of the blessing of the gift of tongues.

We ate like crap this weekend. On Friday Elder Valderrama and I made our comps eat chicken claw gelatin. We didn't tell them what it was until after. Good parenting. Honestly it wasn't bad! BUT right after that our pensionista fed us cow stomach for lunch. And a lottt of it! I took it as a challenge, so I scarfed down my entire plate with a smile. It was the nastiest thing ever. Just had to keep telling myself it was teriyaki chicken from Rumbi's. The best part is that right after the gelatin and cow stomach we had a zone wide fast. All of this led to some nice sickness for me and Elder Colman! We were out all Sunday afternoon.

We had an awesome baptism this Saturday! It was for my guy Ivan Herbas. He is such a stud, and is going to make such a good member! At the end of the baptismal service he bore his testimony. Maybe it was just the first new convert testimony I've been able to understand, but it was so so good! He talked about how he could feel his Heavenly Father's love and knew he was on the right path. I couldn't agree more!

One thing I was thinking about this week was preparation. Preparation is everything! For us missionaries, the afternoons are when most of the real missionary work happens, but it's the mornings that get us prepared. We have much more success when we have productive mornings. We might not know exactly what's going to happen when we leave the house, but if we're in tune with the spirit we will always be told what to do. Things like running a race or playing soccer with all the latino elders all p day take physical preparation. Likewise, missionary opportunities often take spiritual preparation. Are we in tune with the spirit enough to hear a prompting to serve or reach out to someone? Or do we let opportunities slip by because we're not spiritually prepared? I challenge y'all to think of 1 thing you can do this week to be more spiritually prepared to be a Christlike example to others. Maybe it's scripture study in the morning or listening to a conference talk. Something simple :)

Love and appreciate you all!
Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker


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