November 15, 2021


Santa Cruz, Bolivia


Elder Josh Haynie

New Comp Old Face

Hola todos! Wow this was a very different week!! So Bolivia has some civil unrest right now. So all the people are on a strike, and many people are in the streets building barriers so there's no cars or busses. Honestly it's pretty fun! Plus no one has work so there's no excuse to not meet with us! But it is at some unfortunate timing with transfers this last week.

The new gringos came in Friday morning, but president felt like it would be safest for all the trainers to come into the city early Thursday morning. So, my companion Elder Poma went to his new area, and this week I was with Elder Valderrama (the other trainer that will be ward sharing with me), and two other trainers (Elder Fernandez and Elder Choque) that are serving outside of the city. Anyways due to the strike we weren't able to get our companions all week, so us 4 just worked here in Centenario! It was super fun!

Fast forward to 5:30 am today! We get woken up by a call from the assistants saying there was a taxi outside to take us to our companions! Sooo I finally found out this morning who my trainee will be... and it's none other than THE Elder Josh Haynie!! How cool is that?! Neither of us know Spanish, but it's gonna be a super super fun transfer!

Due to the strike, church was on zoom this week. The bishop asked Elder Valderrama and I on Saturday if we could give talks. I decided I was going to just wing it and rely on the spirit. I've been speaking this language for a little over a month now, so what could go wrong? Right? Well my decision to not stress about preparing a talk paid off! During the opening hymn, the bishop texted us and said he was going to pick on Elder Fernandez and Elder Choque, so I didn't even give a talk! The blessings of following the Spirit right? I was actually pretty excited to test myself, but there's always next time haha.

One cool thing I've learned this far, is the Holy Ghost will take a conversation where it needs to go. I have truly gained a testimony of D&C 33:8-10. If we simply open our mouths, and open up the conversation to the gospel, the spirit will take charge! This week we were eating with a less active family, and I had NO clue what to say. That day I had been thinking a lot about how much of a blessing it is to have a prophet and apostles, so I asked them about that. A minute later we were talking about the Book of Mormon, the temple, and how to recognize the Holy Ghost! I didn't yet know the needs of this family, but God did. All I had to do was invite the spirit and be ready for a change in the conversation. I invite y'all this week to invite the spirit into more of your conversations, and open up the conversation to the gospel!

As always I appreciate you all!! Please continue to pray for Bolivia :)

Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker

PS Elder Josh Haynie is a dear friend from Davis High. Elder Barker and Elder Haynie played baseball together for years. So crazy they are now companions in Bolivia.


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