November 1, 2021


Santa Cruz, Bolivia


Elder Poma

Downton Abbey of Bolivia

Hola todos! This week I literally was in Downton Abbey Bolivia version! We had family night with this part member family. It was a bunch of middle aged ladies who grew up in Santa Cruz, but they live in England now. I'm talking British accents, nice house, and a tea/hot coco party afterwards. It was the funnest thing ever! The food was absolutely awesome. They had real honey! BUT even better than the food, the lesson was sooo spiritual! Almost all of them go to different churches, so we had a lot of different religious beliefs in one lesson. Elder Poma and I shared with them our best tool, the Book of Mormon! We read 3 Nephi 11 (classic right?) with them and talked about how Christ invites us all to personally come unto him and feel of the powerful peace of His atonement. So powerful! There were tears flying everywhere! Everyone was an active part of the conversation which made it even better. Even the massive parrot in the tree wouldn't stop talking! Such a great time! We're going back tonight so I'm hoping for some more spiritual tear filled conversations, and delicious pastries of course.

This week our great friend Beddy Urieta was baptized! She has been talking to missionaries for a long time, and we were her 11th and 12th missionaries she's been through. It's been awesome to talk with her about how important baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost are, and how powerful it'll be for the rest of ever! For her and her family! She was so happy after her baptism! And now we're continuing to work with her cousin Benita and both their kids! The gospel truly does bless families!
Love you all!!

Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker


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