October 25, 2021


Santa Cruz, Bolivia


Elder Poma

Don´t worry, the hole in the ceiling is only the size of a small bear!

Hola!! Wow we love Bolivia! This place is always a treat. We had a fruitful week of labor! A super sweet lady named Beddy is on date to be baptized on the 30th so pray for her! We met lots of super awesome new people this week as well.

One definite highlight from the week was a zone service on Wednesday. The whole zone took a packed micro (a bus) to the middle of nowhere, Bolivia. We met this awesome lady who gave us all machetes and told us to get to work. We spent the next 5 hours wacking down bushes and massive trees with these wacky old machetes. Imagine 24 young adults all with rusty old machetes wacking trees for 5 hours. I have NO clue how no one lost a limb. I was very certain someone was going to die! However, we were blessed by the Lord and somehow served with safety. It really was so fun though! Those machetes can seriously cut through anything, very impressive! And afterwards the lady made us all some BEAST soup so that's a win!

Another fun story... so this week the gringos all had to get our blood taken. Not a simple prick in the finger. I´m talkin a very sizable amount of blood. And to make it better we were probably in the worst place you could get a needle stuck into you. The place was a very run down shack. The walls and chairs looked like they shouldn't still be standing. My favorite part was the massive hole in the ceiling. All the other gringos were pretty stressed, so I took it upon myself to keep morales high. Every time one of them would complain or say anything scared, I would tell them "don't worry, the hole in the ceiling is only the size of a small bear!" I think it was very comforting.

I got to speak in church yesterday, which was very fun in Spanish! I talked about gathering Israel. One of my favorite parts was talking about the movie Coco (everyones favorite here). In the movie, Hector couldn't cross the bridge, because his family hadn't done the work (or put his picture on the ofrenda). Similarly, our ancestors are waiting for us to do their work! It's so vital that we do temple and family history work so that they can have the opportunity to "cross the bridge" to eternal life with their family! Please take a second today to figure out a plan of how you can do just a little more temple and family history work this week!

Love you all!!
Que tengan un dia bendecido!
Elder Barker


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