October 11, 2021


Santa Cruz, Bolivia


Elder Poma

Primer Bautismo!

Wow, Bolivia is so awesome!! It's so crazy out here, but I've loved every second. The people are so friendly. Everybody on the street says hello. One fun thing is that every time you enter or leave a room you HAVE to give everyone in the room fist bumps. Doesn't matter if they're 4 years old or 70. One thing I've started doing with the kids is messing with them when I give them a fist bump. So if I can't speak their language, I can at least make them laugh.

Speaking of language, I taught an English class yesterday! It was so fun and quite hilarious. It felt refreshing to be on the other side, and actually knowing the language being taught.

For breakfast and dinner, it's mostly empanadas and some sort of interesting drink. My favorites so far are chocolate milk from a bag, and this apple juice with almond milk. People here loveee their drinks. The Coca-Cola company literally owns this country. For lunch it's always chicken and rice. So far it's been pretty good! I am serving in one of the nicer areas in the mission, so I think the food is a little better. People here give you massive amounts of food, so I've learned to eat really fast so I can finish it all. I did complete a life goal and secretly feed a dog under the table, because I couldn't finish all my chicken. It worked flawlessly.

Last night we had to go all the way across the city to get to our house. However, it turns out on Sunday nights all the busses and taxis stop their day early. Luckily a miracle happened and 2 members from our ward pulled up on their motorcycles. They gave us rides, and we made it home right on time. It was sooo cool to be on the back of a motorcycle at night zooming through the city and weaving around cars. The plaza looks really cool at night!

There is SO much work here it's great! We're always busy. We had a baptism this week!! They say there's always problems on baptism days and I can testify to that! However in the end it all worked out great! It was my first baptism so that's cool! His name is Oscar and he's a chef from Argentina. Let me tell you Argentinan accents are hard to understand haha! He's a super great guy and although I haven't known him for very long, it was an honor to do the baptism. Afterwards he said how grateful he is, and he's now looking forward to going to the temple!

With baptism on my mind, I thought a lot about progression this week. Some people might think what u want me to do more after baptism? But God's plan for us is one of continual growth and progress, and the Church of Jesus Christ is set up the same way. After all it is the kingdom of God on earth. There's always more to do and more to become. As we learned from conference there's always that 1% to improve each day. Progression is one of our biggest blessings!

I love you all and appreciate all the prayers and support through this wild experience! God is with you always!

Que tengan un día bendecido
Elder Barker

~pizza for elder vasquez last night with us
~cool painting
~elder poma and I at the plaza
~the plaza
~captain moroni at zone conference
~selfie at zone conference
~the gringos and our comps
~me and elder poma with Oscar!
~more baptism pic
~elder pomas baptism artwork
~me and a painting of a snail
~elder poma and our tres leches from Oscar


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