September 20, 2021


Brunswick, Georgia


Elder Alekisanita Molisi

The Call......

Hey everyone! So exciting news... on Thursday I got the call from President Wood saying that my visa was accepted, and I'll be leaving to go to Bolivia on September 30th! I was so shocked! I thought for sure I would be here in the FJM for a couple more months. But I guess the Lord has other plans for me! I'm a little sad to be leaving Georgia right when I'm starting to get used to being here, but I'm also very excited! Bolivia is going to be quite the adventure.

Getting the news about Bolivia was really the exciting pinnacle of the week. We did explore downtown Brunswick and found some new ties and an amazing new picture to add to the apartment. On Saturday Elder Molisi and I went with Elders Arnold and Whitney to a super fun festival thing. There was a ton of tents with people selling cool stuff and some live bands. We talked to a ton of people which was really cool. Members of the church play a HUGE role in how other people view the church! So many people are open and love talking to us, just because they know a member or two of the church that they admire. Continue to live as an example of the believers! It makes missionaries' jobs a lot easier :) At the festival I ate some fried alligator and shark so I can cross that off the bucket list!

On Sunday the stake Relief Society presidency spoke about ministering. Ministering is showing others that we care for them. A lot of times I think ministering has to be this big planned out task. Usually involving a pregame meal and some reinforcements. However it can, and usually should, be very simple! Our best example of ministering was obviously Jesus Christ. Sure Christ performed many miracles! Was that ministering? Heck yes! But I really like what Jean B. Bingham said about Christ ministering. She said that He "smiled at, talked with, walked with, listened to, made time for, encouraged, taught, fed, and forgave” others. Those are all very simple! Those are things we can all do every day. It's not how grand an action is that qualifies it as ministering. Rather ministering is doing something personal for someone else. I challenge y'all to look for opportunities to smile at, talk with, walk with, listen to, make time for, encourage, teach, feed, or forgive others this week! I promise you will grow a greater love and understanding for your Savior!

Love and miss y'all
Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker

~ cool old building in downtown Brunswick
~Brunswick wall
~selfie with the new purchase
~fun sword, knife, and hat from a members house
~fried alligator and shark w/ Elder Arnold
~Tacos with the Elders
~sweet sweet Ethyl
~Ethyl and her "Jesus children"


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