September 13, 2021


Brunswick, Georgia


Elder Alekisanita Molisi

University of Florida created Covid! (just kidding)

Hey everyone! What a great busy week. Things are really picking up here in good ol' Brunswick Georgia. I'm slowly getting used to always being sweaty and swatting away bugs. We did lots of service outside this week, so I've been getting my fair share of sunshine, and I love it.

Some funny highlights from this week are: discovering a putting green in our apartment complex after a great day of zone conference, finding a coffee table by the dumpster that really spices up the apartment, some people yelling their own prayers while I was giving a prayer to end a lesson... they were legit screaming haha I had no clue what to do, a guy slowly driving up and yelling "yo u guys love the Lord?" I say yessir we do and he slowlyyy drives away and yells "the Lord is so good to us hallelujah praise the Lord amen", hearing that Covid was created in a lab in Gainesville aka the University of Florida...yes this guy was dead serious, going to a wedding reception for two 70 year-olds, and getting bashed in Spanish about many things that are "clearly stated in the Bible" haha luckily I couldn't understand most of the things they said. Super funny week! People here are so fun.

I had many wonderful spiritual bombs this week, but one thing I really loved from zone conference was President Wood (love that man) having a deep study with us about repentance. He likened sin to "spiritual cancer." Life is a journey of curing ourself from spiritual cancer. There are many ways that we can temporarily (very temporarily) aid ourselves from feeling our spiritual sickness, but there is only ONE cure! Only one way we can heal ourselves. That is sincere repentance through the atonement of Jesus Christ. No one with spiritual cancer, aka an unrepentant soul, can dwell with God. One could say that God's kingdom is quarantined from spiritual cancer. From Mosiah 4:26 we learn that part of our curing ourself of spiritual cancer is helping others with their battle! After all it's pretty much our baptismal covenant. If we're focusing on ourselves, we are much more at risk of returning to sin and messing up. By ministering and imparting of our help to others we not only bring them closer to their God, but we strengthen and help shield ourselves from the spiritual cancer returning.
I know that the cure for our spiritual cancer is already made readily available for us! The one who paid for it, our Savior Jesus Christ, wants nothing more than for us to use it! Come to Him. The battle is real, but victory is more than possible! I challenge you all to think of one thing that you can change that's holding you back from receiving a remission of your spiritual cancer. And after that, turn around and help someone do the same :)

I love you all!
Que tengan un día bendecido!
Elder Barker

~new coffee table
~ice cream run on a Tuesday night
~jungle selfie
~we love trimming bushes
~lighthouse selfie
~the ocean is cool


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