August 11, 2021


MTC - Kaysville Branch


Spencer Bailey

End of Home MTC!

Wow such a quick 6 weeks! I leave Tuesday morning at 8 am to fly to Florida. I have had such an amazing experience with the home MTC. I learned so much about myself and my Heavenly Father. It's been such a fun journey with my companion, district, and of course my family. We've ALL grown and learned so much, but I am so stoked to get out in the field!

Not really any funny stories this week. Just did lots of teaching which was amazing! Teaching by the spirit is such a powerful thing. I love when my wifi always decides to be the worst at the exact moment I try to share my testimony... so fun! I have noticed though that the spirit CAN work through bad internet connection so that is good to know.

This week I had an opportunity to study Alma 24-26. Such good chapters holy!! I really admire the faith of the people of God in chapter 24. I love how they chose to bury their weapons of war. They didn't just cast their weapons aside or turn away from them for a time, they buried them "deep in the Earth" never to be used again! They noticed the blessings they received from their repentance, and endured to the end. We all have "weapons of war" that the adversary uses against us. Our weapons of war may not be actual tools used to shed blood, but they are things that take us further from God; temptation, pride, anger against others. I know that if we bury our weapons of war deep in the Earth, never to be used again, we will be so blessed! I challenge you all to read Alma 24 this week and think of how you can burry one weapon of war:)

Thank you to all of you who have brought me food or treats, said hi to me, or played pickleball with me in my free time! You guys really have made surviving these last 6 weeks possible! I love you all and appreciate all the prayers! Off to Florida I go!!

Dios esté contigo hasta que nos volvamos a encontrar
Elder Barker

~The elders supporting dear ol Davis High
~a pic I took during my break
~The best companions
~Me and my short friends
~farewell squad
~When Hermana Garduno joins a breakout room of good soldiers
~Sunrise pickleball for the elders
haha sorry that's a lot of pics!


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