July 14, 2021


MTC - Kaysville Branch


Spencer Bailey

First Week in MTC!

Hey everyone!
Can't believe it's been a whole week. Home MTC is awesome! The first day was a little stressful, but it got so much better!
My companion Elder Bailey is a total stud! We have so many things in common, and it's been so great doing companion study with him every day. Our district is the best ever, and I love them so much! They all share such good thoughts during class. They also make me laugh so much which has definitely helped me get through the week. It's weird to be in class everyday with 12 other people you've never met, but we've all really bonded over district firesides turned into "get to know you" kahoot games, and our common struggle to learn the Spanish language.
For any of you wondering about the home MTC schedule, pretty much everyday goes like this... morning class from 8-about 11, then a "workshop" aka big zoom call with 300 Mexico MTC missionaries, then afternoon class from 3:30-6:30. All the time in between is study time! We have an hour of personal study, an hour of language study, and an hour of companion study to do every day. Our teachers speak 95% in Spanish with a few helpful English words and many funny hand signals to try to help us understand. It's actually been awesome!
Tuesday was the funniest day ever! When we got on our morning class zoom call, our teacher informed us that the schedule was changed, and we would be teaching actual members from Mexico in about 20 minutes...entirely in Spanish. After much panic and some quick planning, me and Elder Bailey managed to give the worst lesson of all time. Oh man it was funny! So many awkward pauses and times when we'd have no clue what the members said so we would just nod our heads and say sí. After stumbling through a second lesson we were supposed to study something with the district, but we all just ended up dying from laughing so hard about how bad the lessons were. One of the Elders accidentally called the guy he was teaching attractive. Good times!

y por el poder del Espíritu Santo podréis conocer la verdad de todas las cosas!
Elder Barker

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