January 20, 2020




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Hey everyone! Well the weeks don't slow down, that's for sure, but I'm still loving every moment. 

This week Elder Sherwood and I had 2 more zone conferences and I actually got to visit my first area: Lund!! What a magical place. It's crazy to see the transformation in myself from then until now.  My faith, hope and charity has grown so much, my ability to speak Swedish has increased exponentially and my love for Sweden has gone up so much!

The Zone Conferences went well and it was fun to visit with all the missionaries one last time and I even got to see Elder Bjornn and Elder Youngberg from my MTC group! There is a special bond with people from your MTC group!

Also I forgot to add last week that Elder Bjornn and I went on exchanges last week and it was great.  We found a random ping pong table with paddles and a ball and everything so we had to play.  We also went out and found quite a bit and right as we finished and were waiting to get picked up we decided to knock on one more door and it was a Chinese guy so I dropped a little bit of my Chinese and he said that we could come back!!! Miracles.

After Zone Conferences we were pretty tuckered out but we kept fighting and on Saturday we actually had dinner with Samann and her family and were able to teach her whole family!! It was awesome! We are planning on setting up a lesson with them this coming week :) 

Church was also awesome (as usual). It was also a little chaotic cause after Sacrament Meeting we had two people come that we were expecting to come.  One guy spoke English and the other spoke Chinese. We expected them to come an hour earlier, and we were supposed to help out with a primary class right then so we didn't know what to do. We ended up giving them both a church tour (we got Martin to translate to Chinese) and it ended up working out really well! Our English-speaking friend went to the young adult class and Martin took care of our Chinese-speaking friend and we went and helped with primary! It was a miracle and afterwards they both said that they loved it so much and that all the people in church were so friendly!! It was both huge miracles how these people came in contact with the church, and it's so awesome to see how they both made it to church and loved it!

Anyways, this is my last full week as a missionary.  It's crazy to think about honestly.  We have some crazy goals set up and I'm excited to give it my all! There is so much I've learned on my mission and now it's time to put it all into play one last week/the rest of my life after my mission, but you get the point!

I love being a missionary and I love the relationship that I've gained with my Savior, Jesus Christ, and I'm so thankful for the RESTORED gospel!

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