January 13, 2020




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ZC/Planes/Tennis miracles

Hey everyone!

I hope that you've all had a great week. This week has been insane.  We've had 3 Zone Conferences and 2 exchanges which keeps you busy! Even though we had so much going on, we also had tons of miracles! 

- The 3rd Zone Conference that we helped out with this week was up in the northern part of Sweden so we took a plane up early so that we could do exchanges with the Zone Leaders up there.  I got to be with Elder Clarke! He is a super talented missionary.  We didn't have the most time for the exchange but we had enough to go and knock on some doors and contact and try to find people to teach! That night we were out in an area knocking and Elder Clarke and I both felt like we needed to find a person that played tennis (probably because we both play tennis...).  Anyways, it kind of seems unlikely 'cause tennis isn't really that big of a sport here, but we kept trying to find them nonetheless.  Long story short, we heard a guy in his garage, so we decided to talk to him and as we walk up, we noticed that he had a tennis racket in his hand!! We got talking with him and it turns out that he lived in Arizona with some members as an exchange student and then played college tennis in California! The coolest part was that he didn't even live at that place, he was simply picking up a racket.  It was crazy to see that we were in the right place at the right time to talk to that guy! If we look at all the factors:
1. What are the chances that two missionaries (that usually aren't companions) like tennis and feel like they need to talk to someone who plays tennis? 
2. What are the chances that one of them literally took a plane to be up there to be with the other missionary that likes tennis, to be together on that specific night in that specific area in a huge city?
3. What are the chances that the guy that likes tennis would be at his friend's place picking up a tennis racket from his friend's place at the exact time that these two missionaries are across the street from that house?
Coincidence? I think not!
Spirit? I think so :)

- Another miracle from this last week is that Anna, Hui and Martin all got their temple recommends yesterday :) They are planning on going to the temple on the 25th - The Saturday before I leave!

- Samman and her son (she's the one that is the friend of a member and she came to church on Christmas) came to church yesterday and they had an amazing experience! I asked them what they thought afterwards and the son (about age 15) said that it felt like it cleansed his mind and that he feels so much more energized for the week :) They are going to continue to come!!

Zone Conferences were also amazing.  A theme for the whole conference was faith, hope and charity and one of my favorite things that we discussed was charity.  It took me a while to realize what the difference between love and charity is, but I think I finally got it.  Love is something that everyone can have.  It's easy to have love when someone shows it back to us.  Charity is something deeper though, it is a Christ-like love.  It's easy to show love for people that show love to us first, but charity is being able to love someone even if they don't show it back, even if they hurt us or betray us or anything.  Charity never faileth.  This is the love that Christ has.  He was able to love the unlovable and He also has this kind of lasting love for us as well. Charity is a gift from God and comes when we pray to God with "all energy of heart" to receive it. It's changed my view on a lot of things!

Also we went to the Vasa museum today and it was super neat! The ship is HUGE!! pics will be included.

Love you all!
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