December 2, 2019




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Christmas is here!

Well it has been a crazy week to say the least haha.  We have been booked every single day!! Here are some highlights of the week:

- On Tuesday we had exchanges with Jakobsberg! I got to be with Elder Peterson again who is awesome.  He is super funny and we got to know each other and bonded a bunch during our splits!

- On Wednesday we went and cleaned the temple! It's crazy to think that it's already been 6 months since I did that the first time but it is always fun cleaning things that already seem to be spotless! For reals though, there is a certain peace from just being in the house of the Lord, even if it is to just clean it. 

- On Thursday we had Thanksgiving!! We got to eat at President's home with all the office couples and some other missionaries.  I am so thankful for such an amazing Mission President that is so selfless and sacrifices everything for us missionaries! I am convinced that he is the best Mission President in the world (Elder Renlund has my back on that as well)!

I love Thanksgiving though :) I'm so thankful for an amazing family, amazing friends and just an amazing life.  Even though life is hard and sometimes unpredictable, when we look back we see how much the hard times really do push us together and help us learn and grow into better people.

- IT SNOWED A FEW INCHES ON FRIDAY! It was a true miracle because I love snow so we got to go and play a little bit in it and drink hot chocolate and everything!

- We have shown a bunch of videos of The Christ Child to all the members here and it's amazing the strength of the spirit that comes from it every time! I've probably watched it like 15 times now but it never gets old :)

- Anna and Hui are literally killing it! They are loving having the gift of the Holy Ghost and actually got their temple recommends on Sunday!! :) They are also AMAZING missionaries! They brought two of their family members to church for the first time and then had us over for dinner that night and had two more non members there that they wanted us to meet! They love the gospel so much and it makes me so happy! I also learned how to pray in Chinese so that I could say the prayer for the dinner and they could understand me :)

- Also we played tennis today so that is always a highlight!

There has been a lot going on this week but I really am finding joy in every moment.  That is seriously something I've learned how to do on my mission: find joy in any circumstance. As you can probably tell I love Christmas and it makes me so happy to celebrate it's true meaning and to actually understand the true meaning.  I'm so thankful for my Savior and I'm thankful for the relationship that I've developed with him :) You should all go watch The Christ Child video if you haven't yet! Here's the link: 

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