October 28, 2019




Caden Youngberg

18 months later...

Well this week I had one of the coolest experiences of my mission/life! About 18 months ago I was a greenie in my first area.  A week after I got here to Sweden we ended up getting a self referral from a lady named Ida! She was super interested in religion and learning about what we believe and I specifically remember her asking TONS of questions and hardly understanding anything she said cause she spoke so quickly.  Anyways, 4 days later we met her again and she had read the whole Book of Mormon with notes, timelines and quotes!! We knew she was prepared!! After some more lessons and help from the ward, Ida got baptized!!  Not too long after I got to go with her to the temple to do baptisms for the dead in Copenhagen.  After that I got transferred, but still had contact with her and heard how she was doing.  She became the gospel doctrine teacher, got her patriarchal blessing and continued to progress in the gospel!

Well fast forward to last Saturday and Ida went to the Stockholm temple and took out her endowment and I got to be there as well! It was such a cool experience to see how much she has progressed in the gospel and see how her testimony has only grown stronger since I last saw her! She is going to serve a mission as well!! I'm so thankful for the joy of missionary work! I seriously was filled with it as I could see the impact the gospel has made on Ida's life and I'm just so thankful that I could be a small part of it! So yeah that was an amazing experience, but we had other ones as well! 

We had two more Zone Conferences this last week in Malmö and Göteborg which means we got to take more flights! Sadly our flight out to Malmö got cancelled and rescheduled so we ended up waiting a few hours in the airport with President Youngberg, but I wasn't too mad becasue I got to soak up his wisdom as well as hear a bunch of awesome stories! The Zone Conferences went really well and I learned something new from each one.  We continued to focus on the power to be able to teach the lessons simply in small amounts of time and it was fun to work with the missionaries and feel the power as we practiced teaching each other!

After getting back from Zone Conferences we were pretty busy and didn't have the most time to find people to teach.  Sunday came along and it was around 5 o'clock and we still hadn't found anyone... We felt like we needed to go by a person that we have been teaching that we had kind of lost contact with. We went by and unfortunately she wasn't home... but God had other plans because her brother was home!! We had talked with him a little bit the first time we met her and he didn't really have a belief in God. On Sunday, we talked a little bit more and got to know him and asked if we could come in and share a 5 minute message and he invited us right in! We came in and taught a simple restoration lesson, exactly as we practiced, and set up a return appointment to meet with both him and his sister. They also want to come to church! We did the whole thing in 10 minutes! 

I love being a missionary so much and am so thankful for the person that I have become while I've been here! I love Sweden with all my heart!!  I love the members here and their faith and devotion as well as the people here and all the little traditions they have.  I love knäckebröd, shoe horns, Swedish pancakes, the Swedish language, saltlakrits, lösgodis, dalahästs, midsommar dances, Sankta Lucia concerts, kanelbullar, Ikea, and all the other Swedish things that I feel like I've taken for granted while being here! I truly have been called to a blessed land!!

I love you all! Have a great week!
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