October 14, 2019




Caden Youngberg


Hey everyone!

Life is good in Sweden.  Things have gotten colder and suddenly all the trees are yellow, orange and red! It's beautiful!! I have yet to have had a not busy week, which is always fun.  We're always on our toes and looking back every week, it is amazing to see the Lord's hand in everything! There were so many miracles this past week even though we did not have the most time. The spirit really did magnify our efforts!

Here are a few miracles:

- On Wednesday we made plans to swing by some people in the area book and work in the area. We went to the first person and she wasn't home. We decided to go to the next person and while doing so, really tried to talk with everyone as we went from place to place. We tried talking to a few people but they weren't interested and shrugged us off and then we came up to a woman. She recognized us from the very beginning of our conversation. She said "Are you the Mormon missionaries??" We got into a great conversation and found out that her dad is actually a member in Norway! She is going through some tough times right now and is looking for peace in her life. She has walked past our church building a few times and has wondered if she should go in, but hasn't had the courage yet. We offered her a tour of the chapel and to talk a little more about how we can find peace and she gladly accepted. She said that it wasn't just a coincidence that we ran into each other and she's right! She is super willing to test the gospel and see if it can help her! She wants to come to church and everything! :)

-After that miracle we also got to an apartment building of another person we were thinking of swinging by. Sadly, it was port coded but we ended up finding the code in our area book planner app so that was lucky! We went in and knocked on the door but they looked through the peep hole and didn't answer... Ouch. On the way out we took the elevator to the first floor and as we were about to go out, a door that was slightly open caught Elder Youngberg's eye so we decided to knock on it! On the other side was a super nice lady who is also very interested in learning more. She wanted to invite us straight in but we weren't able to but we talked about the gospel and got her number to contact and meet up! She's super interested and also just so nice! We only had about 30 minutes before a lesson with a returning member but the Lord really did magnify our efforts!

-Church was also another miracle. One of our friends came and after sacrament meeting a member came and said hi and they hit it off so well! Our friend does software development and the member loves computer programming and everything and they had a great conversation. I was able to chime in here and there with my very limited knowledge of computer programming thanks to my flawless roommates at BYU (shout out to byrant and garrison, gotta love that C++) They found out which companies they each work for and they work really close to each other. They switched numbers and are going to meet up and get lunch! This member is a fellowshipping legend!! Our friend felt so welcome and loved church! (He's come a few times before as well) Later after Elders Quorum another member came and said hi and had a great conversation. The member asked if he was a member and he said yes! haha but I told him that he wasn't yet but hopefully soon ;) The members killed it and our friend left grinning from ear to ear and saying how excited he was to meet up and then come to church next week! So so blessed.

-Hui and Anna are doing great! We taught them the plan of salvation and they are eager to go to the celestial kingdom as a family! They are excited to get baptized soon! Thank you for all your prayers.  I'm amazed everytime how the miracles come after the trial of our faith! It feels like the adversary knows what great things are coming so he tries to do all he can to get us to give up! Each of the miracles we experienced came after we were tried in some way! Whether it was someone ignoring us, someone saying something rude, or feeling sad cause after 5 minutes into sacrament meeting our friend hadn't come.  After each of these things we experienced a miracle! So if it feels like the adversary is working extra hard, keep fighting because the Lord has something great coming! Ether 12:6: "... I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith."

Thank you all, have an amazing week!
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