September 23, 2019




Caden Youngberg

Another day another transfer

Well everyone...time does not cease to slow down and another transfer has passed! It was an amazing week though with many many miracles! This week was a little more chill and we had time to work a little more in our own area! We also had our last exchange for the transfer! 

Sadly our 9 year old friend was not baptized yesterday because of some issues with getting permission but we are planning on it in 2 weeks! Keep her in your prayers! But like I said, we experienced so many miracles and here are just a few!

-Elder Youngberg and I had a lesson in a certain area and then decided that we needed to do a little work in the area so we swung by a returning member! She said that she would come to church on Sunday, which she did! That was neat. We headed back to the car and headed back towards home. On the way home Elder Youngberg asked the question: "Do you think there would be people at the park in the area where we were?" We counseled about it and decided to go and check it out because a thought is a prompting unless proven otherwise, ya know? We get there and park and start heading towards the park and there was a group of 3 guys around our age behind us. Contacting people your own age is very very intimidating, especially when they're in a group, but Elder Youngberg leans over to me and says, "I think they're the reason we're back here." With a little doubt in my mind, I was like "ok, should we talk to them..?" We were a little unsure what to say but Elder Youngberg just turned and walked toward them in full faith and I caught up with him and we started a conversation with these guys! It went well and as we brought up the church, one of them said that he thought it was crazy that we just ran into them because he has been studying a ton about Christianity! We got his contact information and are working on setting up a time with him! :)

I also got to be on exchanges with Elder Hughes who is one of the most sincere guys I have ever met.  And yes we experienced miracles together as well!

-Elder Hughes and I went to go by a person that we are teaching but she wasn't home. The thought came that we were in the area for a reason so we looked around and an area stood out to us so we decided to go over there. I was really focusing on following the spirit and it led us to a door with signs of kids in the front yard. We went and knocked on the door and a mom answered the door. We had a great conversation about faith for about 10-15 minutes and got her number, gave her a gdpr (privacy permission) notice and we are working on setting up a time to come back and give her a Book of Mormon in Chinese! It was so cool!

-Church was amazing yesterday. Elder Youngberg and I both gave talks and then Bishop gave a talk about missionary work and it was so good. All the members are super excited about missionary work and said that there was a special spirit in Sacrament Meeting! They also did super good fellowshipping our friends!  

-A miracle happened about 30 minutes ago as well! Elder Youngberg got a call from a member while I was talking to my family and this member has two friends that she has been teaching about the gospel and said that she wants us to come teach them on Friday! She said that the friends are ready and want to get baptized! The transfer is off to a great start!!

Thank you for all the prayers, they really do make a difference and are felt every single day. This last week our prophet gave a talk at a BYU devotional that was SO GOOD! I add my testimony to his that absolute truth is eternal. It doesn't change.  God's love for us is true and it will not change, the Book of Mormon is true and it won't change, God's plan for us is true and it won't change.  I know these things to be true because I myself took his challenge to pray about it.  I prayed and felt the calm influence of the spirit help me know that it is true and I'm so thankful that i'm able to share this truth with others. If you haven't done this I would highly recommend it :)

I love being a missionary and I love my Savior :) Have a great week! We're picking up the new missionaries tomorrow so that should be fun!

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