September 16, 2019




Caden Youngberg

Back to my birth place

Hey everyone! We had another crazy week but what's new?💁

The week started with another exchange and I got to be with Elder Jordan! We had a great time and taught a nice mom and also two brothers that asked for a free Book of Mormon! They are super awesome and have been reading 5 minutes a day, so we're looking forward to teaching them again!

Well, we had another round of Zone Conferences, but these ones involved a little more traveling! We traveled down to Gothenburg and helped out with another David Archuleta concert (it was just as good the third time) and then had a Zone Conference! It went really well and after that we drove down to Malmö with President and Sister Youngberg for another Zone Conference the next day! It has been so fun traveling everywhere and meeting all the neat missionaries and learning from all of them as well! The Zone Conference in Malmö was actually held in Lund!, which was my first area!! It was so cool to come back almost 18 months later and see it.  It brought back so much nostalgia from all of the miracles I got to experience as a greenie!

The Zone Conferences were amazing and it felt like the spirit really taught me about following the spirit. I'm so thankful that we are able to have a member of the Godhead to be with us at all times if we are worthy of it.  What an amazing blessing!! 

After getting back from all the traveling we were pretty exhausted and Elder Youngberg got sick so we're hanging in there and actually had a cool experience last night! We thought to go out to a certain area to swing by some people, but as we started driving we both felt like that wasn't what we needed to do.  We prayed and asked the question: "Lord, where do you need us?" and we felt like we needed to go by a returning member.  We knocked on his door and he was actually home! Elder Youngberg said that they've gone by a bunch of times and he had never been home. But he was happy to see us and we set a time on Saturday to come meet him and his family! Blessings:)

Thank you all for staying with me through this crazy journey! Have an amazing week :)

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