September 2, 2019




Caden Youngberg

David is coming to town

Hey everyone!! 

It has been another blessed week here in Täby! Life hasn't calmed down, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I do have some exciting news though that I thought I'd start this email out with.  DAVID ARCHULETA IS COMING TO SWEDEN THIS SATURDAY! I'm pretty pumped. He is doing a tour of Scandinavia and we are helping with the concert, so hopefully we'll get some back stage action with him! Pics will be included next week!

Our week started out with exchanges though and I got to be with Elder Tolman! He is a missionary going home in three weeks, so I got to soak in his wisdom :) We had a way cool day though! We technically didn't have anything planned for the day but with the Lord's help and guidance of the spirit we were able to make it into something! We did lots of finding and in the middle of the day we decided it would be good to swing by a person that said we could come back, so we did! He was home and we had a nice conversation, but he expressed that he wasn't interested :( Afterwards we felt like we were in the area for a reason so we did a little finding. We decided to walk through the neighborhood and talk to people as we go/knock on doors where we felt like someone was home or if it just felt right. We knocked on one door and no one was home. As we were walking back down the sidewalk to the road we noticed across the street two older guys sitting and chatting so we decided to go talk to them (they also had a 1988 corvette parked in front of the house as extra incentive). As we approached and greeted them, one of them replied with a pretty disinterested sounding "Vad vill ni?" (what do you want?) Luckily, his friend was a little more willing to talk, but as we started talking with them the countenance of the guy that sounded disinterested from the beginning was totally changed! The car belonged to him so we talked about that (turns out that he has an old car museum in Vallentuna, a place in our area!) and we used it to teach about the restoration! In the end these 2 guys really enjoyed talking with us, they both had Book of Mormons, and we are set up to come back tomorrow :) Even though we were already behind schedule, the spirit led us to these two older guys and it only took about 3 minutes to find them! The spirit truly magnifies our efforts!

We also had some really cool lessons this week.  We taught a family :D We have had contact with this family but things have been crazy for them to sit down and talk, but we were finally able to teach them! They had a lot of questions and seemed a little skeptical but they agreed to read the introduction of the Book of Mormon :) We are also best friends with their little daughter and she always gives us candy :) 

Other highlights of the week were that Tony came to church and also our friend Anders! Anders is part of a part member family and came to church even though his member spouse couldn't! He also gave Tony a ride since Tony lives right behind him! They both enjoyed church and Tony wants to stay for second hour next time! We have seen so many miracles! It is so amazing to look back and see!

Also! This is worth mentioning.  We played soccer on Saturday with the ward and had a few people come! I had a way sick header!! It was probably the coolest moment of my life and all my soccer friends would be so proud of me :)

We also went and hiked this cool hill overlooking a lake for pday so it has been a fantastic week! We have Zone Conference this week and Elder Youngberg and I are doing a presentation so pray for us!! 

Have an amazing week! I know that Christ is our Savior and I'm so thankful that I get to be a missionary and bear my testimony so many times a day.  It is the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life.

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