August 26, 2019




Caden Youngberg

It never slows down

Hey everyone,

Another crazy week, as you can probably imagine.  It never slows down :) This week we had MLC and 2 exchanges!

MLC was so good, oh my goodness.  I'm always blown away by what amazing missionaries the Sweden Stockholm Mission has been blessed with! My favorite part was probably when we had a huge discussion about faith.  I learned that it is so easy for the natural man inside of us to just give up when we don't see immediate results but that is why we need resilience! Since we receive no witness until after the trial of our faith, it is crucial that we develop the ability to perservere even when times get tough. I'm so thankful for a God that gives me trials so that I can learn to perservere through them and learn so much through the process.  Plus in the end, God fulfills all of his promises.

After MLC we went straight into exchanges with the Malmö Elders and I was able to be with Elder Thompson! It blows my mind that it was 6 months ago that we were on exchanges together in Göteborg! We had an awesome time teaching a woman about the plan of salvation and about God's purpose to help us improve. 

Short miracle: The next day Elder Thompson and I were able to go out and try to find people! We had totally forgotten that school had started so no one was really out... We tried talking to a few people but nothing really happened... :( then on top of that we missed our bus just barely... :( so we had to walk home.  After about 10-15 minutes of walking (there was also no one else out walking so we couldn't talk with them) we both felt nudged by the spirit to go knock on a certain house so we did! A dad who was home with his new baby answered the door and was way down to talk! We talked about faith and set up to come back this week! I've never been so thankful to miss a bus!

We also had exchanges with Eskilstuna and I got to be with my good friend Elder Bills! We had such a fun time and had so many quality conversations as we were out trying to find people! We were also able to meet with a woman that they are teaching who is going to get baptized next week! She is awesome and we were able to help her prepare for her baptismal interview!

Elder Youngberg and I also had our fair share of miracles.  We had some amazing lessons this week! There is a woman that we teach (the one that Elder Thompson and I taught on exchanges) that has been pretty agianst praying.  As we were discussing her expectations with our lessons she really opened up about some hard things that she is going through and we were able to testify about how prayer is how we can find peace and comfort.  The spirit was so strong and she started to cry! Elder Youngberg bore a SUPER powerful testimony of how prayer has helped him and it was amazing.  Her heart was softened and we're really hoping that she is going to give prayer a chance!

We also had 6 people we are working with come to church yesterday so that was a miracle! The Lord truly is blessing us and it's amazing to see Him hasten His work! I hope you all have an amazing week!

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