August 5, 2019




Äldste Brenon Whitaker

exchanges part 24523

Hey everyone - we had a pretty eventful week here in Norrköping! We had two exchanges and all of our days were pretty busy!

Rewind back to last Monday and after P-day we had a lesson with a member's friend here in the church.  IT WAS SO GOOD! Backstory behind this person:  There is a returning member that has just recently begun coming back to church and before I got here Elder Whitaker and his companion Elder Seely were able to help her move into a new apartment.  Along with them coming to help, the Bishop came and two of the returning member's friends. Elder Whitaker and Elder Seely were able to talk to both of them and get to know them and things went well, but it didn't really seem like either of them were too interested. 

Fastforward a few weeks and we got a text from the returning member saying that her friend wanted to meet us, so we set up a date and time - which was last Monday. The lesson went super well! We were able to show him around the church and then teach him the restoration! At the end, the returning member shared her testimony and said that she has not regretted a single minute since she decided to start coming! It was way cool and he's going to read the Book of Mormon and we're going to meet him again hopefully sometime soon! 

Our first exchange was actually workovers with the Eskilstuna Elders, Elder Hastriter and Elder Bills! I love them so much. I was with Elder Hastriter and we had a great day! We contacted and met a neat guy that we took a walk with and then Elder Whitaker met later in the week! Elder Hastriter is still getting trained so it was fun being with a new missionary but he is doing SO GOOD with the language - holy cow.  I also got some time with Elder Bills, who I'm way good friends with so that was fun!

We also did exchanges with Linköping and I got to be with Elder Fronk, one of my former companions! We had a great time catching up and were able to invite lots of people to learn more so that was neat.  It was also way cool to see how we've both grown in just 6 months.  It goes so fast it's crazy.Life is good. I'm happy. 

It's such an amazing feeling to put on a namebadge with Christ's name on it and go out on the streets and trams and from door to door with a Book of Mormon in your hand. I love being able to bear my testimony about how their is a loving and kind God who is our Heavenly Father and that he speaks to us today! Being able to watch people gain a relationship with God who never knew anything about him at first is so cool! God is so good!!

Have an amazing week everyone!
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