July 22, 2019




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exchanges, exchanges, exchanges...

Hey everybody!

This was a kind of long week but also fast if that makes sense? It's all just blending together. Highlights of the week were probably our two exchanges and then church!

On Tuesday we had work overs in Stockholm with the assistants so we took the train up on Tuesday and then worked with the assistants Tuesday night and on Wednesday.  I got to be with Elder Youngberg who is another person from my MTC group and it was the first time that we were able to do missionary work together! He is an amazing missionary. We had an exciting day.  We really tried to mix it up so we planned our day very loosely and talked to everyone that came in our path! We met some neat people including a guy with super long hair haha. We were also able to visit some members and kept trying to find new people as we swung by people.  It was a really fun exchange and I've got some good things to apply to our area - Especially working with the ward and helping members do missionary work :)

The second exchange we had was with Katrineholm! I had the opportunity to be with Elder Seely, a younger missionary, and we had a great time together! Elder Seely is an awesome missionary with such a desire to be obedient and do what is right! We had a productive day and found some neat people! We were swinging by a returning member and as we were trying to figure out which apartment he lived in, a guy walked in, so we asked him.  He was super nice but sadly we choked and didn't share the gospel with him, so as we were walking out it felt like we needed to go back! Elder Seely was fearless and just walked back in. Sadly we didn't find the guy that we talked to, but we found another guy and were able to give him a pamphlet and give him the address of the church!

Later that night we went and tracted and talked with lots of neat people! We met a nice lady who's husband had just died and we were able to share the plan of salvation with her! She loved it! The Elders there are going to get in contact with her and even help her in her yard! Also we took bikes which is always a highlight.

Yesterday at church we got a special visitor - Elder Bird! (He recently finished his mission and served in Norrköping a year ago. The ward LOVES him and he is a legend here.) He came and visited and brought some people that he taught when he was here! One of them was a girl named Amanda who first started believing in God when she first met the missionaries.  I got to know her and she wants to meet again and we're going to teach her more about the Book of Mormon! She's got a lot of potential I feel!

Here are some thoughts I had while biking around cause that's just when my mind wanders. I thought a lot about how the gospel is all about change.  It has the possibility to change us from the natural man to new creatures in Christ if we let it. On the mission you meet LOTS of people and a skill that I'm trying to work on is not seeing people as they are but seeing people as who they can become.  Even the scary guys that curse us out have the potential to be worthy, Christlike priesthood holders through the miracle of repentance.  Isn't that just so awesome?? Seeing people in this way just helps you have so much more love for the people! I also love and am SO THANKFUL for the fact that I can change and become a better person every single day! 

I hope that you have an amazing week! We have a fun week planned :) We have Zone Conference and more exchanges!

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