July 15, 2019




Äldste Brenon Whitaker

RIP my pants

Hey Everyone!

It has been raining a fair share here, but life is still good. Norrköping is still beautiful and I'm starting to get to know the area better :) We did lots of neat things this last week!

We had MLC! That was on Tuesday and I was able to see my WHOLE MTC group there! It was the first time since being in Sweden that our group had been fully united and it was just in time because Sister Payne goes home at the end of this transfer! (pics will be included) The meeting itself was amazing though and lots of great ideas were shared.  We talked about finding and one of the quotes from President that I wrote down was "How strongly do I believe that this is the area that I need to be in?" Sometimes we have a lesson that falls through but we need to have faith that the Lord sent us to that area for another reason and it's up to us to find out what it is! A small miracle from applying this: We were in an area to do some swing by's of potential people and not many people were home and the whole area had already been tracted so we decided to try and talk to everyone that came in our path on the way to the bus stop.  We met these two girls, probably around 15 and 17 and began talking with them.  We talked with them about prayer and asked if they had ever prayed before which they hadn't, so we invited them to do so if they really wanted to know if there was a God.  We also got their messenger so that we could follow up and see how it went.  We texted later that night and they had both done it! One of them said "I asked God why I am the way I am and why I have the people in my life that I have.  As well as why I should believe in Jesus Christ when I've always believed in Darwin." It was kind of cool to hear her experience! Since then she has been asking lots of questions about the church and wants to meet us not this week but the next!

We put an emphasis on prayer in our proselyting efforts and we met another cool lady who we were able to teach about prayer and invite her to do so.  She said that she has tried to have a faith before but that she gave up.  We are going to follow up how it went this week :)

I have such a testimony that God really does listen to our prayers and he cares about each one of us in our different circumstances.  Everytime I kneel down in sincere prayer I just have a calm feeling come over me.  I've also started keeping a prayer journal and writing down ideas I receive after prayers and it's so cool to receive revelation!

Funny story time: So you're probably wondering about the title of this email... This week we were at our bishop's house for dinner and we had a little time before the food would be done and the kids wanted us to jump on their small tramp.  One of their kids does circus stuff and did that cool thing where you jump and touch your toes and then I, seeking the praise of man and trying to be cool, was like "check this out, I can do that too!" Unfortunately when I did it (I did do it though) I heard this loud pop sound and it got a lot more breezy in my pants... So yeah I ripped my pants straight down the middle and everyone was just kind of in shock hahaha.  It was definitely not one of my most thought through ideas but it was way funny and now the kids have nicknamed me "ripped pants". So yeah that happened!

I also went on exchanges with Äldste Mathias and he is awesome!!! We had a super successful day and met lots of awesome people in all sorts of situations: on buses, in grocery stores, you name it we talked with people there. He's an amazing missionary!

Have an amazing week everyone and pray that I can find new pants!

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