July 8, 2019




Äldste Brenon Whitaker

First week in Norrköping

This week was pretty crazy with lots of changes, but things are going well. As you may know, I am now in Norrköping, and let me just tell you that this city is BEAUTIFUL!

Our apartment is right in the middle of town and there's this way cool view of the clocktower from my desk.  Also we have a washer and dryer in the apartment, so that's nice.  I'm also companions with ELDER WHITAKER and it's been a party so far:) I got here on Wednesday, but there were some more miracles in Södertälje before I left!

First off, last Monday we ate Surströmming which was my first time! Surströmming is basically just fish that they take and let it rot in salt water stuff for a couple of years.  It's worse than it sounds... We got a bunch of the youth from the ward to come as well and I didn't even throw up! Elder Hansen did though...never again!

That same night we went by one of the people we were teaching and met her Mom and set up to come back the next day.  We came back and were able to teach her one last time and taught her the restoration and invited her to pray.  She was a little hesitant, but was able to say her first prayer with us.  It was so cool! :) There is so much power in someone's first prayer.  Then we had to pass her off to the sisters, but they'll take good care of her. 

Then on Wednesday I said goodbye to Södertälje :( Hopefully not for the last time, but I miss the ward and the car and the fact that we could go to the temple and all the Syrian Orthodox people there.  It'll always have a place in my heart.

Norrköping is amazing though! From the very beginning we have been way busy! We have been visiting lots of the people and we were even able to meet Sawsan! She is the lady that I did the baptismal interview for! Now I get to teach her :)

We were also able to meet this returning member lady that wants us to teach her son who isn't a member! The returning member came to church yesterday for the first time in quite a while and the gospel was just shining through her it was so cool!

ALSO! One of the major highlights of the week was the I FINALLY SAW A HEDGEHOG!! It is the first one I've seen here in Sweden and they are adorable.  That was when I knew that my time in Norrköping was going to be good.  I have pics.

Things are going well here and although change is hard it always works out for the best. Like they say, "There's no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone."

I've also really been trying to focus on being selfless.  I've found that I just feel so much better as I focus on others. It's so freeing! I feel so much more love for people as I stop thinking so much about myself and think more about the needs of others - even though it's hard to put off the natural man! I found a lot of strength from this scripture in 2 Nephi,  "He hath filled me with his love, even unto the consuming of my flesh." I just love the peace that comes from being filled with the love of Christ! All of our problems just disappear when we're filled with love!

I like the area a lot and the ward is great as well! It's going to be good here :)

Have an amazing week everyone!
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