July 1, 2019




Sean Young

Hej då Södertälje

Well we had a successful last week here in Södertälje! It doesn't feel real that my time here is already over and I'm sooooo sad! I've learned so much here and have come so close to all the members here.

But I have exciting news! I will be transferring to Norrköping to be with the one and only Elder Whitaker!!! For those that don't know, me and Elder Whitaker were actually companions in the MTC and now we get to be companions again! I'm pumped! I will be leaving to Norrköping on Wednesday but let me tell you more about the awesome last week we had here.  

So we were still in a tripan for the week so it was super fun to continue working together.  We had lots to do with getting everything ready for when we would all leave so we had a few pass off lessons with the sisters. One of them was with Jesper and it went so well!

We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and during the lesson it was just so cool to see the progress that he has made in such a short amount of time! When we first met he had no faith at all, didn't understand the scriptures, and didn't know who God or Jesus Christ were at all. All he had was a desire to believe and that has brought him so far! He has continued reading in the Book of Mormon and is actually understanding it! He is starting to understand who Jesus Christ is and His role in the Plan of Salvation, and he even shared his testimony of repentance with us!

I was able to bear testimony to him for one last time :') I shared 2 Nephi 31:20 which is a scripture that my Dad has always shared with me and I bore my testimony that he is on the right path right now and about how much love God has for him! It was so cool :)

We also did a fair share of service this last week which is always fun.  We helped a returning member move and we were able to meet the rest of her family! The sisters are going to follow up with them.

ANOTHER WAY COOL THING HAPPENED! We were able to go to a high council meeting for the Stake! Everyone was there, the Stake President, his counselors, President Youngberg, the Primary President, Young Women's President and a bunch more leaders. We were able to just counsel about missionary work and how we can work together as missionaries and members.  We were able to share miracles, and the spirit of missionary work just filled the air and got everyone super excited! It was one of the coolest meetings I've ever been to!

I'm going to miss Södertälje so much.  I love this area with all my heart and it doesn't exactly feel fair to have to leave after only 2 transfers  but I know that the Lord has a perfect plan and all we can do is push forward with a perfect brightness of hope with a love of God and of all men!

Äldste Young will be going to Gävle (what an amazing place) and Äldste Hansen will be going to Borås!

I hope that you all have an amazing week! I will update you on life in Norrköping next week :)

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