June 24, 2019




Sean Young


We had an interesting week! We did tons of service and did lots of good:)

On Tuesday we got an interesting call from President.  We were on our way to clean the temple and he called and said "In a theoretical situation that might become a real situation would you both be able to take another missionary until the end of the transfer?" We said yes and he told us that we would be getting Elder Hansen on Friday until the end of the transfer next week. So on Friday we went and picked him up and have been a tripan which has been fun!

Like I said though, we were able to go help clean the temple! This time we got put on bathroom duty... It was for the Lord so it was worth it! Then the next day we got to plant flowers at the temple again except this time we got to invite youth and young adults so we got a bunch of youth from the ward to come and it was a blast! 

Later that night we were also able to go and help the Relief Society President with some packing things! She is amazing.

Friday was Midsommar!! The biggest holiday in Sweden! (Aside from maybe Christmas) Basically everyone just decorates and dances around a huge pole to celebrate summer :) IT WAS SO FUN and there was a bunch of other missionaries there to celebrate! That was also the day that we got Elder Hansen and we've been having a blast so far.  We are still trying to figure out how to effectively do missionary work with 3 people because apparently it is intimidating for 3 guys in suits to knock on your door...

We got another interesting call from President last night as well... He called us and told us that we will be closing the Södertälje Elders area... None of us were really expecting that and it's going to be a hard change, but The Lord is the gardener here, not me.  I'm excited to see where He needs me! We have a week to pass of all of the people we're teaching to the sisters and then we'll find out where we're going next week with transfers! I'm very very sad though because I love Södertälje, but as my dad told me today, all we can do when things get tough is to press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men :) (2 Nephi 31:20)

Have an amazing week everyone! I will get back to you next week with my new area!
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