June 10, 2019




Sean Young

Sweet hour of prayer

Well this was probably one of the coolest weeks of my mission so far! SO MUCH HAPPENED AND THERE WERE SO MANY MIRACLES! I guess we'll just jump right in...

On Tuesday we had exchanges with Norrköping, which means that I got to be with Elder Whitaker, my MTC companion! This was the second time we have been on exchanges together and it is so amazing to see how much we both individually grow every time! We had an amazing exchange and got to catch up on a lot, but the greatest part was an amazing miracle that we were able to experience together! That morning I had the feeling to go visit a certain returning member later in the evening. We got to the area early so that we could tract a little not too far from where he lives. We started tracting and we just got SHUT DOWN. No one would give us a chance to say anything before saying that they were not interested. Finally a guy told us that people from another religious organization had been there only a few days before. We had about 20 minutes left before our lesson, and we decided to keep going but to drive to an area closer to the returning member.

The second door we knocked on was a 23 year old guy guy. We began talking and teaching about the restoration and when we asked if we could come in and explain more he said: "Yeah!" Slightly shocked we both went in and were able to get to know him better, set up expectations and teach him the restoration. During the whole lesson he just seemed to soak it all in and when we neared the end of the lesson we invited him to offer a kneeling prayer. He had only prayed a few times earlier in his life and said that he had never prayed vocally. We taught him how to pray and encouraged him to do it and he did! He started the prayer and just paused, thought for a few seconds and just uttered a few words of thankfulness to God. As the words came out the spirit came in so strong it was electrifying! It was undeniable. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had to hear someone offer their first vocal prayer. After the prayer we told him how amazing it was and the spirit that we felt from it. We asked him if he felt it as well and he said "Yeah I feel something special" and we explained more about the Holy Ghost testifying of truth! Before we left we set up a return appointment for the next day. We came back the next day, and this time I was with Elder Young. We followed up on his reading and praying. He had read the testimony of the three witnesses and he even explained that the morning before we came he just felt like he needed to pray. In his own words "Jag kände mig sugen att be". He explained that he wants to continue to meet because he really wants to have a faith in God. We taught him about faith and read Alma 32 with him and committed him to read Enos for next time. At the end we asked him why he wanted to have a faith in God and he couldn't explain it. He simply said that he felt like something was drawing him towards having a faith in God. IT IS SO COOL TO SEE THE LIGHT OF CHRIST HELPING PEOPLE FIND TRUTH! So yeah, that was amazing and we will be meeting him on Tuesday :) There really are prepared people out there that are held from the truth because they know not where to find it. Pray that things continue to go well!

On Thursday it was Sweden's national day!! Our ward had a big party and we were able to have our friend Francis come! He even brought his daughter as well! Members gave them a ride and they had a great time playing Brännboll and grilling with the whole ward.  Francis even came up to us and asked: "Where's the pastor here??" We introduced him to the Bishop and they hit it off really well!

On Friday we got to clean the temple! That was also way cool and everything is cleaned in a very exact order to make sure that everything is spotless! It took us 2 hours to clean 1 room just to make sure it was good enough for the House of the Lord. 

Saturday we had another exchange, except this time I got to be with Elder Bills! He is awesome and we just connected really well! We had our weekly soccer activity and we had 4 new people there who aren't members, so that was awesome! They had a great time and are planning on coming next week as well :) 

Another cool learning experience that I had this last week was conducting my first baptismal interview. A super amazing woman in Norrköping is going to get baptized next Saturday! We got a translator to help out and it was so cool to hear her testimony about living prophets and how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Christ's true church on the earth today. Neat stuff and I learned a lot from the whole experience.

So yeah we've had a pretty blessed week here in Södertälje.  Thank you for all the prayers :) Have an amazing week, God is good!

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