May 6, 2019




Sean Young

Campfire Songs

Hey everyone - It was another great week here in Södertälje :) This week was pretty straight forward honestly but we did have some exciting things! We've been pretty busy with getting prepared for things but the Lord's hand has definitely been in the work!

We had Valborg this last week!! Valborg is a Swedish holiday where everyone throws all the dead plants into a big bonfire and burns them and celebrate spring! We went to a member's place and celebrated and it was great! We played some soccer with a bunch of ward members and then at the end we all gathered around the fire and sang hymns together and it was a good memory.  I even ate a s'more for the first time since I've been in Sweden!

We haven't had a ton of time to find this week but the Lord has been guiding us! We were already behind schedule on one day, but Elder Young and I both felt like we should go by a returning member and his non member spouse.  Since we were behind schedule we thought it might be best to just drive straight up to their house but something told us that we needed to park a little ways down so we did. As we were walking to their house we were looking for people to talk to, but no one was on the road.  We got to the returning member's home and no one was home... We started walking back slightly disappointed, but as we were walking back to the car we met two siblings - Odelia and Anthony! We started talking with them and explained about the Book of Mormon and we set up a lesson with them :)

We also went by the trampoline lady's mom who has met missionaries before and she said we are okay to come by whenever and talk more!

One thing we are trying to work on here in Södertälje is strengthening the youth, and last night there was a youth fireside at the Bishop's house! We all sat around the campfire and had a great discussion about Jesus and the woman who committed adultery.  We talked about how we should never judge others.  Bishop Anderson said something really cool that I've thought a lot about since.  He said that the only person that can judge us is Jesus Christ.  Even as a bishop doing interviews for temple recommends and such, he is not the one that judges, it's Christ.  Leaders are there to point them to Christ and to help those that are struggling know that there is a way back to Christ.  Christ didn't condemn the woman who committed adultery and he won't condemn us either.  It was an awesome night where the spirit was super strong and the environment of a campfire is just the best! My clothes all smell like smoke but it was worth it.

Have a great week! Also pray that our Zone Conference presentation goes well!

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