April 15, 2019




Sean Young


Wow. What a week! I don't have a lot of time but I'm going to try and give you all a quick life update!

The beginning of this last week was full of lots of sad goodbyes with some of my favorite members back in Kungsbacka.  They truly are some of the most faithful members I have ever met and they are filled with so much love!

On Wednesday I got all of my bags together and headed to Gothenburg Central where I met Elder Thompson and Elder Gordon (district members) and said goodbye to them.  They even got some donuts for me as a goodbye gift and I'm going to miss all of our p-days together and all of our phone calls (never forget the pied pipers). Finally, the last goodbye was said and I was on my way to Södertälje!

When I got there Elder Young was waiting for me with the car!! This is the first time I have had a car on my mission and it is such a blessing! There are positives and negatives, but I am definitely enjoying it:) Ever since I got here to Södertälje we have been going full speed! Driving from lesson to lesson, calling zone members, planning exchanges, it's been crazy. I love it.

We've been meeting lots of returning members this last week and we actually had a cool experience where one of the returning member's friends was interested in learning more and came to church! He loved it and we have a meeting set up on Wednesday! His name is Ronald and he's awesome.

Although being busy has been great, it has also been a little hard and when I first got here I had a tiny mid life crisis about trying to be myself.  I felt like I didn't have any direction with myself and that I was reacting to everything instead of taking control of the situation and acting. It was a little discouraging, but I got down on my knees and prayed for guidance for what I needed to do and the answer came so clearly to me that I needed to set some inspired personal goals.  I've prayed a lot and set some goals for myself and it feels like I have so much more control and direction everyday! Everyone please set a personal goal. It will seriously help you.

Elder Young is awesome.  He was actually my district leader about 4 months ago, so that's neat.  He has about 4.5 months left and he is from Pleasant Grove and we actually have some mutual friends! We get along really well and it's going to be a great transfer! The ward here in Södertälje is awesome and they love the missionaries so much!! Last but not least, the apartment is even better than I thought... We have a bench press, heated floors in the bathroom, a ton of counter space, we live with members, we live in a little city outside of Södertälje and the drive home is beautiful. Life is good :)

The Church is true and God is aware of each of our situations and is always there to help.

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