March 18, 2019



Äldste Fronk

Teach as you find, find as you teach

Hey! This week was pretty great and we actually taught quite a bit this last week which is always great! We also did lots of finding as usual and found some neat people!

On Tuesday we had a lesson with a returning member and right after the lesson we got a text from a guy that me and Elder Beckman met on splits saying that he wanted to meet! So 45 minutes later we met him in the church and taught him the restoration. He is not very religious and we're not exactly sure why he wanted to meet so bad cause he didn't seem too interested as we taught him, but he said he wants to meet again!

We also taught an interesting man named Frank this week. He is a person that has been taught by the missionaries before but he is from England and lives there for 6 months of the year. He is very Christian and he understands priesthood authority, but sadly he is not willing to keep commitments. However, he texts us randomly with scriptures from the Bible, so that's always fun!

As I said we also found some neat people this week. The most positive of them is a guy named Boris that we met on the bus! He moved to Sweden from the Netherlands a few years ago and thinks that what we do here is really interesting. He is a super nice guy and he invited us to dinner on Saturday and he said that he is going to bring a friend as well!

The highlight of the week was definitely splits with Elder Gordon in Västra Frölunda! Elder Gordon is just one of those people that clicks well with everyone and we had a great day together! It was one of the most successful days of my mission! We went by a potential person and gave them a Book of Mormon and they said that the missionaries could come back and teach, went by a returning member who is interested in getting ministering people, we had tons of great conversations that were light and fun and people responded really well to it! We hardly received any rejection! (Rejection is pretty common here...) We were just having fun as we went and it was just a great day. Sorry I wrote this pretty fast cause I'm out of time so I hope that it was ok!

I studied a bit about obedience this week and I'm just going to hit you all with a power statement from what I studied: There is no faith where there is no obedience.

Äldste Balls

Also shout out to the safety zone. Jerom and obedience definitely have my vote.


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