January 14, 2019




Noah Rasmussen

Hej då Gävle?

That's right. I will be leaving the promised land of Gävle. I will be traveling to Kungsbacka in Göteborg so that is going to be hype!! I will be companions with Äldste Fronk who is famous in the mission for being the funniest guy ever, so it should be good! I'm so sad to leave all of the members and people that I have gotten to know and love, but I know that new adventures lie ahead! Also did I mention that Äldste Beckman will be my zone leader?? What a legend.

It was a great last week here in Gävle!! First off it snowed which is always a highlight. We were able to do some service by shoveling snow so that was fun! We also had splits this week! I was with Äldste Norin who is actually from Sweden! I learned SOOOOO much about the Swedish language - it was awesome! We also had a neat experience where we had a goal to give out 2 Books of Mormon. We had about an hour and a half and asked a new convert to pray for us and we went out with faith! We began knocking on doors and not a lot of people were home but we met a neat guy named Mattias who has read the Bibel the Koran and just about every other religious book except for the Book of Mormon! He gladly took it and said that he would read it and that we can come back and talk about what he has read this week! That was one, but sadly we didn't have much time because we were planning on going by a returning member but we were still determined to give at least one more out. We talked to every person on the way to the returning member's place and we were able to give out two more! One was to a nice woman walking her dog who had a faith in God and we were able to explain about God's plan and invite her to read The Book of Mormon! After we gave out the second book we felt accomplished but thought that we might as well give out a third, right? Äldste Norin looked at the next guy in our path and said "let's just give it to that guy". So we did!! 

Yesterday was also interesting. On Saturday night Äldste Rasmussen didn't feel so good and threw up a few times during the night. He still didn't feel good on Sunday morning, which was kind of a problem cause I was going to give a talk and play a musical number... I gave him a blessing that we would be able to do the things that we needed to that day and we were able to go to the church! It was great! We had a returning member that we have been working with since my first week in Gävle come to church! We also had two other people that we are working with come. Then right after Sacrament Meeting we had to come home and Äldste Rasmussen slept for the rest of the day while I did LOTS of studies. One of the things I learned is that THE BOOK OF MORMON TESTIFIES OF JESUS CHRIST! I read through 4 chapters of The Book of Mormon and wrote down every name/title, action, spoken word, and attribute of Christ. It took me about 2 hours and I just want to add my living testimony that he is the Holy Messiah, our Redeemer, The Holy One, The Great Mediator of all things, The Lamb of God, and the Keeper of the Gate. He is alive, righteous, glorious, merciful, full of grace and truth, loving, forgiving, obedient and just. He consecrates our afflictions for our gain, brings salvation, redeems, offers himself as a sacrifice, created all things, condescended, suffered and takes away the sins of the world. (Those were just a few) He is our Savior!!

I leave for Kungsbacka on Wednesday so wish me luck and also pray for Äldste Rasmussen that he can feel better.
We also had a branch party. I'll include pics
Äldste Balls


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