December 31, 2018




Noah Rasmussen

Gott nytt år!

Hey so sorry for the email last week! I didn't have much time so I'll give you a quick update on what has happened the last 2 weeks!

We were able to meet with Emil, the guy that we met at the bus stop!! We had a great lesson with him and explained how he can receive an answer! We're hopefully going to meet with him again this week after he gets back from being with his family for the holidays :)

We also had Zone Conference!! We stayed the night with the Jakobsberg Elders which are Äldste Bjornn, my MTC companion, and Äldste Barney who was in my first district! That was an awesome night and our train there only got delayed 15 minutes! Then we had zone conference which was amazing.  We talked all about Jesus Christ and his life and his attributes and then we got to have "Christmas with the Youngbergs" where we basically just got to live all their Christmas traditions. We read Christmas stories, there was lots of music, neat angel chime things and then we even got to watch "Its a wonderful life".  It was a Zone Conference to remember :)

I also had the chance to go on splits with Äldste Young! He's an awesome missionary.

Christmas was the highlight of these last two weeks for sure! Here in Sweden people celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve (last Monday, hence why I had no time to email) and we were with members the whole day! It was MAGICAL! We had julbord, which is basically just lots of food and you fill up your plate, eat everything, repeat. Then we got to watch Kalle Anken which was hype but then not too long after that SANTA CLAUS CAME! He literally just knocked on the front door haha but he had presents for all the kids, parents and even us missionaries!! We actually got Dalahäster! Google it, but they are just small wooden hand painted horses that are super Swedish.  Santa also gave us deodorant so I'm not sure if he was trying to imply something... Then the next day on Christmas day I got to skype my family!! They are awesome and someone needs to go give them a hug for me.  We also spent that day with members! It was a Christmas that I will always remember :) 

Missionary work is kind of hard to do around this time so President Youngberg has given us 2 extra hours everyday to study about Jesus Christ using the topical guide and all the subsections (President Nelson's challenge for the youth last year).  I've only gotten through 5 or 6 sections, but I can easily say that this week has changed my life. My testimony has never been stronger. I know that Jesus is the Christ and that He lives!  He is the Only Begotten of the Father.  He suffered for our sins in the Garden of Gethsemane and died on the Cross but conquered death and was resurrected on the third day.  I know that only through his grace and truth we can receive eternal happiness with our families.  As I was studying I felt but a small part of his magnificence, his power and his love for each of us!  He is my Savior and I have never felt so much love for the Lord and his work!!! You should all go read The Living Christ and think about your relationship with your Savior!

Happy New Year!!
Äldste Balls

s/o to my nephew Grey for winning a trophy! 


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