December 10, 2018




Noah Rasmussen

Jag vet aldrig vad jag bör skriva här...

Tjena! This week we experienced miracles here in Gävle! But what's new? ;) 

On Tuesday, Äldste Rasmussen and I thought of a great plan to get our branch more excited for missionary work, so we decided to first go straight to the Branch President! We made cute little stockings with toys and a light the world card to give to his 4 grandchildren.  We knocked and no one answered so we left them by the door.  The good news is that they got the stockings and that it worked! At our coordination meeting the next day the Branch President was super happy and excited about missionary work and gave us suggestions about even more things we can do to help the work here in Gävle!  We left our coordination meeting pumped, but it doesn't end there!

There was some construction on the bus stop that we usually take so we had to walk quite a ways to get to another one which was unfortunate, but also not really because at the bus stop we met an awesome guy named Emil!! Let me just tell you that he is so prepared! He is 17 years old and a legend. We started a conversation and once he found out that we were with our church he started asking us different questions about prayer and how we do it.  I was able to sit next to him on the bus and we added each other on facebook and as we talked he said that he has met with missionaries from another church and has been really trying to receive an answer that God is there.  He has been praying and searching but hasn't been able to receive an answer.  I was able to give him a Book of Mormon and explain the promise in Moroni 10:3-5 and after we both got off the bus we were able to say a prayer right there with him! We set up to meet this next Wednesday and teach him more! :) He's such an honest seeker of truth and I just feel like there is something special with him. It's weird but awesome!

Anyways we had another crazy miracle! Church!! So we usually get about 35-40 people in church every Sunday, 50 if it's a really good Sunday.  Yesterday we had over 60 people in church!! We had a few visitors but we also had a member bring 8 friends and their little kids! They all speak Chinese and English and they all loved church! We had a small Sankta Lucia (its a swedish tradition thing, look it up) after church with the primary kids and then we had a bunch of food and everyone just loved it! One of the member's friends said that she has some friends that she's going to invite to our special sacrament meeting on the 23rd! Blessed. 

But yeah we've been trying to work hard out here in Gävle but Äldste Rasmussen also hurt his foot so it's hard for him to walk.  Please pray that it gets better so that we can continue to work hard! 

So thankful for the chance that I have to be a missionary here in Sweden.  It definitely is a choice land and the people here are just amazing :) It's a great feeling to know that my efforts to help them are an expression of God's love and I testify that God truly does know and love us each individually! :)
Not a lot of pictures this week so I'll include another one of the huge goat. Also one of a member's house with lots of Santa Clauses.

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