November 26, 2018




Noah Rasmussen

Busy, busy, busy


So this last week was just insanely busy and we were basically just rushing from thing to thing, but as a missionary, that's the best thing that you can ask for! I'll just give you a small run down of our week here in Gävle:

Monday: We had P-day and then we took the train to Borlänge for workovers! 

Tuesday: We had workovers! I got to be with Äldste Olson which was a lot of fun.  In the morning we went around showing people the upcoming Christmas initiative and showed people the videos along with it! After watching the video and feeling the spirit, every person responded "det var fint" and we then talked about what they can do to help others during the Christmas season :) We also had a lesson with their recent convert and HE IS SO AWESOME! He is getting ready to go to the temple and is really trying to figure out family history so that he can take some names.  We were able to help him get his father's name all ready to take to the temple and he was so hyped!! Also got to spend time with Äldste Petersen one last time before he leaves home.  He leaves next week and I'm gonna miss him :(

Wednesday: We took the train back to Gävle and then went straight to some weekly service of serving lunch to people with addiction problems. Later we had our coordination with the Branch Presidency, so we had a ton to do to prepare for that, and then after our meeting with the Branch Presidency we had Branch Council! There was a huge focus on ministering and the branch is taking big steps!

Thursday: Thanksgiving!! We had District Council and then we went and did a presentation for a school about growing up in America and got to explain why we're here in Sweden and explain more about Christ's Restored Church, here on the earth! It was really fun and we got lots of weird questions, but thanks to the spirit we were able to answer all of them! Later that day we had a Thanksgiving dinner with some members! Neither of them were from America, but they knew how to make a Thanksgiving dinner!! We had a turkey, yams, potatoes, vegetables and pumpkin pie! Sadly no rolls though... We ate so much and it was amazing and I even got to cut the turkey! Well at least try to cut it... Then we had a lesson with one of the people we're teaching and read out of the Book of Mormon with him.

Friday: We had another school presentation so that was good! Then we had a lesson with a new convert and after that lesson we went to another lesson with another new convert! After that, a member came and picked us up and we did service for another member that lives about an hour away. We helped him stack firewood and had dinner with his family which was really good because it's hard for them because they get kind of lonely since they live so far away.  Then we went and visited a returning member who also lives nearby and apparently he was the branch president a few years ago! He actually has a kinda sad story. He had some health problems so he wasn't able to come to church for a while and he felt forgotten about and didn't feel like he could come back to church.  He has plans to start coming back to church, but he just wants to feel included.  It was really good though because we committed him to start reading in the Book of Mormon again and then he went to a hockey match with a few members the next day! If there's someone that you haven't seen in church for a while, please reach out to them.

Saturday: We did our studies, prepared for the branch activity that we were going to have later that night, and went to the branch primary activity because we had a person that we are teaching bring her kids. All the kids made gingerbread and had a great time :) Then we went to a member meal and then came back for the branch activity! The activity went really well and we actually got 6 people there who are not members! We all ate pizza together and played murder in the dark and everyone had a great time and the people are interested in coming to activities :) 

Sunday: We had church and I played the piano for the branch after having 2 weeks off (I was a little rusty...) but a member that we've been trying to get a better relationship with brought two friends to church! They are both from China but one of them knows English so we can communicate :) They said that they were going to come next week as well! So many miracles! The Lord is blessing us here in Gävle and we're staying thankful and trying to work harder than ever!

Since it was Thanksgiving this last week I just want to express my thankfulness for my family! Wow they are awesome and I have no idea where I would be without them.  They have always been there for me supporting me through everything and I really just can't express how grateful I am.  I'm also thankful for the wonderful gospel that I am able to talk with people about everyday.  I don't lie when I tell people that it is something that has changed my life and has given me more peace, meaning and strength to conquer the trials of life. I'm thankful for Jesus Christ and what he did for each of us.  I'm thankful to have His name on my chest everyday and to be able to represent him.  Life is good.  Life is really good.

I'm also thankful for everyone on this list that supports me :) I hope you all have an awesome week!
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