November 12, 2018




Noah Rasmussen

Blessings on blessings on blessings

Okay, sorry - I don't have the most time this week, but we have been blessed here in Gävle!! I'm not quite sure what we did right, but we're just going to keep working hard! Let's get started with some miracles, and there are a lot...

So on Tuesday we were planning as usual and we had just gotten finished but something just felt wrong. After discussing things and thinking about it, we felt that we needed to go to another area instead and go by some people that me and Äldste Ashford had met, so we adjusted our plans. Later that day we went by a person that said we could come back and sadly he wasn't home but right as we were about to leave, I felt prompted to knock on the door right next to his. Me and Äldste Ashford had already knocked on it, but hadn't gotten an answer. It would have been very easy to just move on because we had another person to go by, but I felt like we needed to knock on it, so we did! An awesome woman named Amanda answered the door and we started to get to know her and she is going to be a Mom soon! We were able to testify of families and give her a Book of Mormon and she said we can come back this week! That's not all though...

We then went by the other person we were planning on and he gave us his number and wanted to meet soon! (We tried to contact him but he responded saying that he wasn't interested... but still at the time it was very exciting!) Then we kept tracting in the area because that was the plan and we met lots of amazing people! Every person that we talked to just seemed to have an interest in us and our message, even a guy who said that he was totally against God and religion and showed us a bunch of his tattoos. We had a good conversation, and even though he didn't want to learn more, we left him with a great experience with the church and with a smile :)

The next to last door that we knocked on that night was a man who was named Mats who already had a Book of Mormon that he had received from his friend when he attended Ricks College about 30 years ago! He hadn't read in a while but we offered to bring by a Book of Mormon Challenge and he gladly accepted. We went by Saturday night and gave it to him and he was super grateful and gave us gingerbread! Like all this happened in the space of about an hour and a half.  This doesn't happen very often!! But the miracles don't stop there!

On Thursday we were out tracting again and we were just getting shut down.  Like every person we talked to didn't even give us a chance and half the people wouldn't even answer the door because they were watching tv.  But! The last door we knocked on (as usual) was an awesome guy named Mikael who after seeing us quickly introduced himself and said that he is a teacher at a high school and said that he would love for us to come teach the students some time! We're looking forward to setting that up :)

Then, last one I promise: Yesterday we were at a member meal and we got this call from a random number, but we couldn't answer it because of the member meal ya know.  But they left a message and it was an online missionary telling us that we have a referral!!!! The only problem is that we can receive calls from outside of Sweden but we can't call people outside of Sweden... So we basically just had to hope and pray that they would call again and they did!! The referral's name is Doug and he is actually going to go to BYU and he wants to learn more about the church before then!! We sent him an email and we're looking forward to meeting him and giving a Book of Mormon! According to the online missionary he is super golden!! :D B L E S S E D So yeah that was our blessed week.

Christ really is aware of each of us and our concerns.  He went through them.  He is willing to help us and because of His eternal sacrifice and His mercy, we can receive eternal life! I'm so thankful for a Savior that loves me and died for me, even though I mess up time and time again and am so flawed.  His love and grace is always there for us!

Also the members we were with yesterday are legends!!! Their kids are basically half the branch and they're super good at sculpting and so they have stuff in temples and in museums in Utah and stuff and yeah! Enjoy the pics of all their stuff!

Thank you for all the prayers :) I am most definitely being blessed thanks to them!

Äldste Nathan Balls


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