October 29, 2018




Noah Rasmussen


Tjena tjena hur är det med er käre vänner??

So as you may have read, IT SNOWED! I'm hyped. It's still October, I know, but I'm so ready for winter because Sweden is beautiful with snow and they have lots of neat traditions!

Other than the snow, this week has been completely crazy, but those are the best kinds of weeks.  To start off I had to say goodbye to Äldste Ashford :( He's given it all these last two years and now he is in America with his family! I'm so thankful for everything I learned from him and all the miracles and experiences we went through together. 

But then I got to say hi to my new companion, Äldste Rasmussen! He is awesome.  He has been out about 19 months and is actually in the same group as my trainer, so thats pretty neat!  His grandma is actually from Sweden so he's grown up with Swedish culture his whole life! He is from Salt Lake and he's is sooooo funny! Like there is never a dull moment or a moment where we're not laughing :) But he's also ready to work hard and that's all I can ask for in a companion!! 

So yeah, this is my first time leading an area so its been a little crazy and lots of unfortunate things have happened.  Our bikes broke again (for the 43857972382nd time), we've gotten off at wrong bus stops, plus other struggles.  I'm learning as I'm going, but I'm pretty sure that everything is under control now so no worries.  We've definitely experienced miracles along the way though!

One such miracle was on Saturday.  We were out knocking on doors but we only had an hour so we texted a member and asked them to pray for us that we would be able to give out a Book of Mormon.  We started knocking and we got shut down pretty hard at the beginning, but as we kept going the spirit guided us to start knocking apartment buildings instead and in the two apartment buildings that we were able to tract only 3 people answered.  BUT we were able to give 2 Book of Mormons away!! God really is aware of our goals and will help us reach them if we go out with faith and do everything we can!

That wasn't the only miracle on Saturday though.  We had our monthly branch activity: Chill kväll!! First of all we were able to get some members and their non member friends to cook dinner! They are from China so we got some authentic Chinese food and it was AMAZING! But that wasn't the miracle.  We were able to help the non members cook! They've come to church a few times but don't want to be taught but they were so thankful for our help that they want to invite us over for dinner sometime! I also got to talk with the husband a lot and he LOVES the NBA and so do I so we just bonded talking about our favorite players and it was just the best! Service is the greatest.  Also remember Jose who we helped move last week? We're helping him clean his old apartment tomorrow! M I R A C L E S.

But yeah this week has also had lots of craziness but Äldste Rasmussen has been totally patient with everything and he's just the best! We're going to have a great transfer (maybe 2) together! 

Don't worry I'll send pics of the snow.  Also have an awesome Halloween!! Time goes way too fast - everything is just blended. Have an awesome week! 

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