October 22, 2018




Äldste Spencer Ashford


Well everyone this was Äldste Ashford's last week here in Sweden, but let me tell you it was full of lots of good stuff and even miracles! 

We had the awesome opportunity to go to Borlänge for work overs and I was with Äldste Petersen for the day! One fun thing that we did while we were there was play some innebandy! The Borlänge Elders have a small cement court right outside their apartment, so for exercise time we were able to play a little! But otherwise, Äldste Petersen and I were able to teach two lessons! One was to a referral from a member, and it is seriously just the coolest thing to see a member bear a sincere testimony to a friend. We had a great lesson with her going over the restoration and I'm just grateful I could be a part of it. 

We also had an amazing member meal with a Hispanic member from their ward and she made some amazing Mexican food and bomb salsa!! Like we are talking Cafe Rio grade.  It was awesome to eat something spicy because that's something that is kinda lacking here... Meatballs and potatoes are amazing too though, don't get me wrong.

This week Äldste Ashford had his final interview with President Youngberg so I basically just got to sit and chat with Sister Youngberg and she filled me in on all the mission news, such as how many missionaries we're receiving and how we're going down to 112 missionaries and all that good stuff.  This might sound boring but as a missionary, mission statistics are actually very interesting! After Äldste Ashford's interview, President Youngberg dropped a hint that my next companion would be someone that I "look up to".  I was really trying to not speculate this round of transfers but after that I couldn't help it. 

Yesterday I got the news that Äldste Rasmussen from Västerås will be coming here to Gävle!! He is a little old mission wise, he only has 4 transfers left, but President was definitely right because he is very very tall but he's a really cool guy! We've been in the same zone the last two transfers and we've stayed together at the mission office the last two Zone Conferences and so this will be my first companion that I've actually met! We get along really well and he's a great missionary and I'm pumped to make some miracles happen here in Gävle! This will also be my first time leading out an area so yay!

But the biggest miracle of the week was definitely on Saturday.  There are some members here that have been preparing their friend to meet with the missionaries and on Saturday we were able to help him move to a new apartment! His name is Jose and he is AWESOME!! He is from Chile and then he moved to Barcelona and then to Sweden! The members have given him a Spanish Book of Mormon and have told him about the church and he will be so ready to accept the gospel when he wants to learn about it! He was so thankful for our help because he has had some back problems but he works at a bakery owned by the members and so we go and say hi to them all the time.  After the move he also wanted to invite us over for dinner so things are looking very positive!!! We were also able to find some other neat people this week and we are excited to go back and follow up with them :)

I have loved reading through some of the conference talks again and there are some amazing messages! I loved the one from the women's session about Divine Discontent.  It's so cool how all of our problems seem to disappear as we forget ourselves and think of others.

Have an awesome week! Not too many pics this week but I do have some of splits!

Äldste Nathan Balls


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