October 8, 2018




Jaden Hambrick

All the Conferences

Hey everyone did you enjoy General Conference????

I'm not sure why, but as a missionary, General Conference is literally the greatest thing.  I was so hyped and I still haven't watched all of it! I still have the Sunday afternoon and the women's session to go, I'm hyped.  Also, it's crazy that we're gong to have 2 hour church instead of 3 hour church, and it's going to focus more on learning at home! I really like it honestly and It's really exciting that they're coming out with a new Come Follow Me study guide thing. I may or may not have read a little bit out of it during some of our dinner hours... For Conference here we hooked up a projector and watched it in the church.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to get it in Swedish so lots of people from the branch just decided to watch it at home :/ But it was really cool and we did get a few people to come to the first session! We had a few members as well as a returning member who seemed to enjoy it! The woman that came into the church last week was planning on coming but sadly couldn't make it last second so for the second session so it was just me and Äldste Ashford watching it alone. så är det

Other than the amazing blessing of General Conference we also had Zone Conference! All the conferences.  It was really good and I learned a lot about repentance and its role in conversion.There was also a huge emphasis on Preach My Gospel and since then I have been studying so hard out of it and have found so much knowledge! The book really is inspired and it's not just for missionaries, it's for members too!

Sadly we've had lots of problems with bikes again... story of my mission.  But that means that we take the bus and I get to bus contact! One thing that you have to understand about buses here in Sweden is that you don't sit next to a stranger, and if you happen to sit next to a stranger because there aren't any seats, you do not talk to them.  It's kinda funny to see people's reactions when strangers like us missionaries come and sit next to people and start talking to them! But one thing I've noticed is that even though this happens in Sweden, when you sit next to them and talk to them, they usually open up and you can have a great conversation :) I feel like it's totally the same with ministering, all it takes is for us to break the ice a little bit and reach out and help these people and they will start to open up and we can build great relationships with them! 

I hope you all have a great week! Sorry this email is kinda trash but I just wanna share my testimony that President Nelson is the prophet of the Lord's church and the changes made during conference really are inspired to help us.  I loved President Nelson's talk about the name correction and as we follow with obedience, we will be blessed more than ever and feel the Atonement of Jesus Christ more in our lives!

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